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He Wasn't!

It's been some time since the police shot dead Jean Charles De Menezes, and I've so far yet to have made any comments on the subject. Instead, I've been watching to see what happens, and in doing so, have seen an interesting pattern develop...

The person responsible for the initial leak which blew the official version out of the water was sacked, and brushed under the carpet, and those responsible for this grotesque fuck up have already been assured by none other than the paedo lover Blair himself that irrespective of any impending inquiry findings, their jobs are safe with him.

Sound familiar?

It should do, it's the same response we always get, be it deepcut, iraq, doctor kelly, paedo sex, or indeed any other blatantly criminal government activity...

Move along, nothing to see here!

That doesn't bode well for the friends and family of Jean Charles De Menezes of course, who are better off blowing up the British Embassy in Brazil if it's justice they're looking for, and with Ian Blair and his cronies asking us all to get used to innocent people they suspect of being 'terrorist' being shot dead by the police, it doesn't bode well for the rest of us either.

What happens if Baby Charlotte's dad has the good sense to get himself kitted out in a stylish semtex bodywarmer the next time he has a metting with his daughters killers?

The paedo pigs, who are more than happy to not only allow over 60% of the paedo's busted under Operation Landslide to roam free, but also defend their right to do so, will undoubtedly accuse him of being 'terrorist' and shoot him dead, just as they would any concerned parent dealing with Margaret Hodge in a likewise manner.

What exactly is a 'terrorist'?

Thomas Jefferson was a terrorist!

He refused to accept the rule of tyranny, and stood up to fight against it. The people of America celebrate his success every year and with it their independance from British Tyranny, every July 4th.

I support killing everyone who works for the paedophile Blair regime, including the police who refuse to lock up Blairs pet paedos, and the murderous whores of the NHS who can't keep their child killing hands off Baby Charlotte, so I suppose a lot of people hitting this site and reading what I have to say would label me as terrorist...

But the fact is if you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself living under such a filthy, vile, and grotesque, paedo loving, child killing tyranny, you have to be!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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