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US Catholics Admit They Can't Pay Their Debts To Humanity

Does Blair Have The Courage To Do Likewise?

And his child minister of choice Margaret Hodge, the woman whose ears are deaf to the screams of a totured child. Does her pitiful donation to charity even begin to approach the true physical cost on that one tortured child alone who reported his abuses to her, let alone the countless hundreds if not thousands whose lives were destroyed within the time she decided to ignore it, and the time something was eventually done about it?

And his Hull minister of choice Colin Inglis who's yet to publicly explain the exact nature of the child abuse claims that were filed against him, and was responsible for destroying Huntley's records, and ultimately therefore Holly and Jessica's horrific murders. Can he repay the compensation for his incompetence to all the friends and family of Holly and Jessica, and of all the girls whose lives Huntley damaged?

Dame Shirley Porter cannot repay even the bookfiddling costs of her Holocaustesque shenanigans, and nobody's yet mentioned the actual human cost of her knowingly putting many, many hundreds of homeless families into asbestos ridden accomodation in full knowledge of the consequences that asbestos would have on those families and their children. How many billions is that compensation claim alone?

Lots of people can't pay their debts, but if it's debts to humanity you owe, you're in trouble!

Credit card debts aren't such a problem, as God's no fan of money lenders anyway. But very poor indeed is the man whose debts are to humanity. Some people say that demanding segregation may be jumping the gun a bit, but is it really neccessary for such people to not only walk away from the wreckage of their actions, but to merely be moved to yet another priviledged position within society, or in the more grotesque examples, actually promoted, wherein yet more innocents will undoubtedly suffer at the hands of their blackened souls.

We all know these people are complete and total fuck ups, so why then is it never them that end up being forced into minimum wage shit shovelling jobs?

It's perhaps no wonder that Blair gets so nervous of talk that suicide bombers can be justified. Justifying suicide bombers is easy...

Let's assume a parent lived on an island, and tried their best to raise their children, and that island was under the control of an evil gang of paedophiles. And let's assume that parent raises them well, and sits them all down one day, and says "I've taught you all everything you need to know to fend for yourselves. I'm going to meet our glorious leaders now. Look after eachother while I'm gone!" And then blows themself up, taking the only chance they've got to wipe out that evil gang of paedophiles, leaving their children and everyone else to live free from the terror of their paedo leaders. That parent goes straight to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Who but a paedophile could possibly deny such a justification?

As I say, it's easy to justify suicide bombers, and it's perfectly understandable for Blair to feel uncomfortable it. Especially when taking his track record in the arena of state run paedo sex rings into account. Archbishop John Vlazny had the courage to accept his debts to the innocent victims of abuse and stop denying them their truth, now let's see Paedo Blair do the same!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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