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Celebrity Doss House

Raggety's Moved In

I was attacked with a knife in my own home again last Monday. That's the second time in the past six months. On both occasions it was someone from Hackney.

I'm loathe to mention it here, as I don't like negative experiences to detract from my achievments, but the fact is, if I ever turn up stabbed to death in my own home, and there's an increasingly likely chance that I will, I want people to know that Beth did it.

Beth's a convicted class A drugs dealer who's served many years in a Greek prison for selling crack and smack, she's also served plenty of time in the UK for offences committed here, and if your unfortunate enough to be staying in the Victoria Hotel in Malvern Road, you may want to make yourself scarce whenever the cleaner comes to tidy your room, as she's also a cash in hand benefit fraud cleaner, so don't leave any valuables lying around as she may steal them, like she did our electric money.

That's also something you need to bear in mind if you ever consider putting any money into the tills of the adjoining Golden Oldies bar too...

You're funding the jollies of a violent knife weilding psychopath by paying her cash in hand wages!

If you're an innocent citizen of Southsea and you pass a skinny, black, 34 year old gutter slut of a girl who looks like Raggety from Rupert Bear, walking a smelly little mutt called Missy, cross the road and walk around her, as she's liable to pull a knife and try to slash your face, and stab you up with it, like she did me.

30/Oct/2007 18:16

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