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CIA Commit Terrorist Atrocity
Whore childs of Satan!
CIA: Mass Murdering Bastards!

In the early eighties, after a series of car bombings in the Middle East (Beirut in particular), aimed primarily at American targets. The CIA decided to hit back, and hit back hard.

After being informed by Israeli intelligence (MOSSAD), of the indentitity of the man responsible, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, The CIA decided to assassinate him.

The man hired to carry out the CIA's dirty work was a British ex-SAS soldier. He was more than likely recruited via KMS.

KMS was at the time a front company, controlled directly by MI6, and existed purely to hire out private armies to foreign Governments to undertake covert operations from which the Governments concerned wished to distance themselves from. It was at that time being run by an ex-SAS Officer called David Walker, and was registered in the British Channel Island of Jersey. For the record, both David Walker, and KMS were also (at the time) linked to Colonel Oliver North, and terrorist operations in Nicaragua.

Instead of a simple and efficient bullet through the head assassination, the CIA decided it would be much more fun, to not only kill him, but to physically blow him to pieces.

In fact, they decided that not only would it be funny if they blew him up, but also the flat where he lived....

And the block of flats, containing the flat where he lived....

And and the street containing the block of flats, containing the flat where he lived.

This they did, with devastating effect, with the planting of a car bomb, in the street outside his block of flats.

On the 8th March 1985 the bomb was detonated, killing 80 men, women and children, and injuring a further 200 others.

Unfortunately for the CIA, whilst they may have massacared 80 men, women and children, and maimed a further 200, they didn't actually get Fadlallah. Presumably he'd just popped out for some tea bags.

The Saudi Arabian Government, embarrassed by the whole affair and, more importantly, the part they played in it, bought Fadlallah off with a $2,000,000 bribe, on condition that he didn't attack any more American targets. Fadlallah accepted the bribe.

To the best of my knowledge, he's still ponsing his way around the Middle East, pissing his $2,000,000 up against the wall.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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