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Crimes Against Poetry?

Or Crimes Against Humanity?

Who do you want in your prisons, and why?

And by 'Crimes Against Humanity' I don't mean the kind of crimes that usually go punished at Nuremburg, for history shows that such justice will only be delivered when you've been conquered by an opposing country, as anyone following the progress of scandals such as child abuse, murder, bribery and corruption will be aware.

I mean crimes against people. Murder, rape, robbery. Or, more to the point, getting stabbed in the face, by a drunken pikey from Hackney, who's trying to stab your eyes out after failing to slit your throat...

Or perhaps, a dirty vile gutterslut, again from Hackney, hurling abuse at you in your own kitchen, as she lashes out at your face with a sharp steak knife.

I've seen far too many Anarchist Cookbooks to take any terrorist training manuals seriously, so it was not just with shock that I read about Samina Malik getting locked up for writing poems that don't rhyme, but also total and utter disgust, that she can be jailed for such 'crimes' while Beth still roams free, not just around Portsmouth, but also my bloody house, and with the amount of knife attacks there've been, I mean that quite literally!

If it's acceptable for Beth to prowl around my house, then it's only right and proper that Samina Malik spend the rest of her sentence prowling the corridors of Downing Street...

With a healthy supply of sharp steak knives!

13/Nov/2007 02:03

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