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Farewell You Fucktard

My Ronald Reagan Obituary!

I remember when the Thatcher Whore came to power. One of the first things she did as she slithered her way up the political ladder was to take all the free milk away from small children...

They don't have free milk in america!

Soon she got cracking on cutting benefits for the poor, the right to strike, and workers rights in general...

They don't have social security in america!

Then she started scraping student grants and introducing top up fees...

They don't have free education in america!

Then she started telling everyone to get private pensions, and started cutting back on the state variety...

They don't have state pensions in america!

Then she killed my Nan by refusing her any kind of healthcare as she lay on her deathbed pleading with her murderous doctor for her life...

Apparently, they don't have an NHS in america!

The Thatcher Whore kept prattling on about a "special relationship" as she forever sang the praises of our "american cousins" and extolled the virtues of taking from the poor and giving to the rich with absolutely no regard for any moral consequence, so that one day we too may wallow in the depravity of a country with the biggest gap between rich and poor than any other country on the planet, third world living standards for the poor, and an ever spiralling crime rate...

Just like they do in america!

At an estimated guess, I'd put the number of people who die after being denied lifesaving health care on costcutting grounds at around 100,000 a year. And after over two decades of firstly the Tories, then New Labour carrying her torch. That's a roundabout figure of about 2 million souls tossed into their early graves to feed the bloated bellies of the corporate super rich.

The Thatcher Whore must accept her share of that particular ongoing Holocaust, and so must that dribbling cunt Ronald Reagan.

I've seen many an american cunt on TV singing the praises of the fuckwitted twat Reagan, and not one of them has mentioned his innocent victims!

Sin is an easy factor to measure. It's based upon how much suffering you inflict. The greater the suffering, the greater the sin. Your sin is what will condemn you when you face judgement before God.

When Ronald Reagan went to meet his maker he went covered in the blood of the two million british souls (who fought in two world wars), and I've no idea how many tens of millions of american souls who met a similar fate to my Nan at his murderous republican hands. Which makes it all the more surprising that of all the fucktards that have queued up to sing the praises of his works, absolutely none of them have bothered mentioning the fact that Ronald Reagan's prize for his lifes efforts was to burn for eternity in Hell.

I've had to stomach the never ending eulogies of retarded americans singing the praises of Ronald Reagan on my TV. I see no reason why america can't be forced to experience likewise with Osama Bin Laden on theirs!

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Reader Mail

From: anna wood

Your post about your nan just brought tears to my eyes as I remember my dearly loved mum,who sadly passed away in 2003.

For over three years the doctor here was treating her for incontinence she was 84 and certainly of very sound mind and was not treated for anything else but being incontinent.

In dec 2002 she was taken to hospital where they found out she had a massive tumour in her bladder,she had no treatment and was dead 4 week later,she died at home where the docter attended the day before she died ,mum was sitting up in bed here at home chatting away to us,and certainly not on her death bed,the doctor came out issued a large ammount of morphine be pumped into my dear mum who died the next day,killed like an unwanted animal.

she didnt deserve that.
bless you thank you for this site

Sorry to hear about your Mum.

If it's any comfort, you're not alone. Lethal injections are surprisingly common for the elderly in the UK...

It's not just the cost of the treatment they save, it's the cost of their entire pensions, housing benfits, council tax, and future healhtcare, for the rest of their life they're 'saving', which is why you can look forward to little or no sympathy from the courts.

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