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Forty Years On...
Forty Years On...
Where Are The Aliens?

They say life begins at forty, does that include alien life too? I've been checking it out on the internet, and here's what I've discovered...

Apparently First Contact was made in 1954, which led to an agreement being made between the US government, and a species called the Greys, which led to massive underground bases being built and allowing human abductions, in return for technology.

The americans were warned against dealing with the Greys by a species called the Nordics (some people call them Annunaki) who refused technology trades with america unless it gave up nuclear bombs.

Finding real pictures of Nords is harder than Greys because they don't have anything to do with the yanks (so there's less of them about), but I've been digging around, and I've managed to get my hands on one...

Alien Nordic Female Picture
Alien Nordic Female
Allegedly Genuine!

Apparently, that picture passes basic 'photoshop forgery' checks, so it's either an albino woman who's had cosmetic surgery to drastically reduce the nostril area, or it's an alien nordic female. Either way, I'm told by those in the know that that's exactly what they look like.

I'm not too keen on the red eyes, but it's do-able, and they say some of them can get up to nine feet tall. I certainly wouldn't mind climbing on top of a woman that size, for the experience if nothing else!

I'd probably do a Grey for the experience too, but they'd have to get me well shanted first.

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20/Jul/2009 20:10

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