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MI5 Butcher Little Old Lady
Granny Killing Nazis!
British Security Services: Granny Killers.

On 21st March 1984, 78 year old Hilda Murrell was found murdered near her home in Shrewsbury.

To this day nobody has been charged with the murder, and nobody ever will be.

However, this was no ordinary little old lady killing, and this was no ordinary little old lady.

Hilda Murrell was a caring and concerned member of the public who was horrified at the levels of radiation that were being churned out by Sizewell nuclear power station.

The Irish Sea, and Cumbrian coastline are one of the most radioactively polluted environments in the world. All sealife in the area are radioactive, as are the beaches, the sea spray, the air, and even local dust.

Hilda was so concerned that for many years, she had been an active and articulate anti-nuclear supporter, and was, at the time, preparing a paper to be submitted as evidence to the Sizewell nuclear power station inquiry.

This is what, in the twisted minds of MI5, made her a subversive.

This is why they put her under intense surveillance.

And this is why they murdered her.

At around 12:45pm on Wednesday 21st March, Hilda was abducted by an MI5 agent who had broken into her home. She was driven in her own car, by the agent (who was wearing a blonde wig, and her hat), whilst being physically restrained in the passenger seat.

Not surprisingly, Hilda was having none of it, and put up as much of a fight as she could.

This wasn't too much of a problem for the agent in question to deal with (she was a weak and frail old lady after all) although witnesses state, that his driving did get somewhat erratic in places, so she must have been putting up quite a fight.

Approximately twenty minutes later her car was abandoned.

A local farmer reported the car to the police at 5:20pm that day, and again on Friday, two days later. During this period, the local police made absolutely no attempt to find out if Hilda, the registered owner of the car, was alright, or how her car crashed.

On Saturday morning, the 24th March, Hilda Murrell's body was found nearby. She had been systematically, and ritualistically stabbed. A search of her home later, revealed that the telephone had been professionally disconnected, and nothing had been stolen.

The freelance MI5 operative responsible for Hildas surveillance, and most plausible candidate for this particularly disgusting little crime, is a mister Victor Norris, a known satanist, fascist, and paedophile, who had previously served a six year custodial sentence for pimping out his young daughter to his paedophile friends.

He was never charged obviously, as he was working for MI5 at the time, and never will be.

They always look after their own.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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