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"I Facebooked Your Mum!"
I Facebooked Your Mum!
Terror Touchdown Portsmouth

Firstly, before I go any further with the following rant, let me say that the police, local authorities, and national government, are collectively and solely responsible for every single one of the untold horrors that have been inflicted upon God knows how many toddlers in the facebook paedo sex ring that we're all rightly shocked and horrified by.

Speaking as an attempted murder victim myself, on no less than two occasions, I can honestly say from experience that the police are beyond pathetic. As far as drawing a pay cheque is concerned, they're seriously offensive, and I'm genuinely surprised that they haven't pressed charges against the Little Ted's Tots themselves, as that's what they threatened me with after the second attack!

If they hadn't have released the known and convicted paedophile Colin Blanchard into society at large in the first place, none of this would have happened...

Even now, even knowing how much damage that pervert and his facebook chums have inflicted... How many minds, bodies, and souls they've corrupted... There's still no mention of mandatory life for all mutants concerned.

It's a fucking disgrace!

I used to feel a bit daft saying I don't do social networking sites because I'm scared of internet paedophiles, especially in view of my age and experience, but in view of recent events, I'm not so scared to speak out!

Is this him?

Who's facebook friends with any of them? In many ways they can be just as dodgy as real life friends, if not more so, and should be treated with extreme caution.

I'm not saying you should beat them up anyway just in case, but you'd be forgiven for doing so...

Remember, it doesn't matter how many facebook junkies you have to kill... If it saves the innocence of so much as one tiny toddler, especially yours, it will all be worth it!

Many years ago, I read something on the internet about a girl who said that one day when she was young her mother took her to one side and said "Sometimes, when I take the News Of The World into the bathroom, it's because I'm masturbating to the stories!" the girl said she never looked at her mother in the same way again.

At the time I thought it was a caring parent trying to make a point to her daughter about certain things, namely getting turned on and masturbating over salacious stories of celebrity sex and drug scandals, being perfectly normal, and her daughter taking it the wrong way in a "Have you ever heard your parents have sex" type way, and I genuinely thought the whole matter to be very amusing.

But after reading about the facebook internet paedophile sex ring, I'm reminded of that girl and I think, what stories was she masturbating to?

And it's not so funny!

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17/Oct/2009 01:43

Update: 11/01/11

Nine years jail. That's what they call 'indefinately'.

If you shoot him when he comes out (or any of the police, judges, and MP's that expect you to tolerate people like him roaming free within your community), you'll get more than he got because whilst, unlike him, you're not a threat to your community, you're actually a threat to the authorities, and they take 'crimes' like that far more seriously than crimes like his.

If they hadn't have released him in the first place, absolutely none of this would have happened, so after being found guilty of yet more child rapes, they decide to release him again in nine years when, hopefully, we'll all have forgotten about it.

It's a fucking disgrace!

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