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MI5 Murder British Author

MI5: Murdering Bastards.

James Rusbridger, the ex-MI6 agent, and eminent British spy writer, is dead.

His excellent book "The Intelligence Game" has been the main source for a lot of the stories that have been featured in the SPIES 'R' US section of Eat The Rich, including:-

The Hilda Murrel Story, detailing MI5's role in the murder of a little old lady whose sole crime was to show concern for the environment.

The CIA Middle East car bomb, where the CIA detonated a car bomb in a packed Middle Eastern street killing 80, and maiming a further 200.

The failed Mossad plan to bomb London, where they hoped to leave enough forensic evidence to blame the Arabs, thereby ruining British-Syrian relations.

And also, the Madeline Haigh story, detailing how a housewife found herself on MI5's subversive list after writing a letter, expressing concern of the siting of American missiles in the UK, to her local newspaper, and also detailing an exact list of just exactly who the Security Services keep files on.

Not surprisingly, in view of the material he was publishing, his death was shrouded in mysterious circumstances.

I haven't been able to dig much up on this, as I was completely unaware of this until a few weeks ago. But apparently he was discovered hanging from the rafters of his cottage in Cornwall, wearing a gas mask, and oilskins, shortly after talking to journalists investigating the 1992 General Election results. He was of particular interest in their investigation into the alleged rigging of the 1992 Election, after going on the record as saying that MI5 routinely trace the voters of extremist candidates, by matching the ballot papers to the voter registration numbers on their stubs.

The official verdict, unsurprisingly, was suicide.

Quite why a suicidal man would dress up in oilskins and a gasmask when hanging himself is anyones guess.

The whole thing stinks of an MI5 murder to me, the gas mask, and oilskins being key pointers. It looks like someone was trying to say that he was "dirty and smelly".

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter remains that whilst the good guys are one man down, James Rusbridger lives on in his excellent book, "The Intelligence Game", which is available from all good bookshops, and public libraries.

I'd strongly reccomend you read it. It's excellent stuff, it really is.

P.S. If you're a businessman staying in Britain for important business matters, it might be a good idea to stay away from Claridges. Apparently it's bugged from top to bottom!


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