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More Jimmy Savile Child Abuse
More Jimmy Savile Child Abuse - UK Government Cover Up
UK Government Cover Up

It's been almost two years since my last update. Too many disasters to mention. I won't bore you with the details.

Here's the next round of 'as yet to be proven' allegations which, I'm sure you'll agree, make for some very interesting reading indeed!

I notice Lord McAlpine's been claiming he's never been anywhere near a North Wales care home in the media. I remember Jimmy Savile saying much the same thing about Haute de la Garanne shortly before he croaked it.

Personally I'm not convinced. Seen it all before with Savile.

Clearly we'll have to wait till Lord McAlpine dies, along with Margaret Thatcher who's been protecting them, until (just as with Savile) we see the full deeply disturbing truth finally come out.

Hope they enjoy their unmarked graves as much as Jimmy enjoys his. Truth will out. Meanwhile, here's some emails...

From: Anonymous

A couple of names which will stand verification fairly easily (eg: Cyril Smith), others you already have (eg: Heath) but only part of the story and others are more of a "you might be interested but nothing can be proved yet".

Just search on Willie Whitelaw, so many links and many of them quite old. Surprised you didn't have him down already. His main contact for acquiring boys was Savile (note only one L, you give him 2 which will stop some search engines offering you as a valid page). Additionally he took an interest in a boys school in Ireland and also was apprently a visitor at the infamous Haute de la Garanne - as was Heath of course.

Heath used to take "his boys" on boating trips. Morning Cloud (known as "morning sickness" by his security) was often giving boys little trips. Heath, aka "Mr. Eddy" used to be a regular cruiser for lads on dry land too. Probably one of the more sexually active MPs out of them all.

Churchill was fairly well known as being into boys and again google will bring you as many links as you want, many with fairly credible accounts and a lot of correlation. Problem is, like Savile, so many people revere him (and he did a sterling job for us in the war), that people choose to either disbelieve or dismiss any suggestion that he would do such a thing.

Prince Andrew is an open secret but again little to no proof of anything in the public domain. Significant though that among many soldiers he worked alongside, the song is still sung:

The Grand Old Duke Of York
He had 10,000 men,
And if he hadn't shacked up with a red haired bint,
He'd have had them all again.

Youngish Lads or young girls

David Steel once publicly defended Cyril Smith for spanking some nude underage boys by simply saying "all he seems to have done is spanked a few bottoms". you ought to be able to find some corroboration on this as I am sure it made the press at the time.

That's about it for the ones I know of, though don't be too surprised if you find Savile didn't always want to wait for his victims to die of natural causes before he could do some corpse fondling. Again, no proof at all, but the same sources (1 ex MP and 2 ex media folks) ALL said that JS was not utterly against the idea of "snuff". No proof so nothing that can be done with it yet - but do not be too surprised if this comes out in the next few weeks. Female paedophilia, male paedophilia, necrophilia and lastly it seems possibly erotophonophilia.

Oh incidentally, on a lighter note Portillo used to have the nickname "Polly" - this was the name he liked to be called when being fucked at Cambridge uni. Nothing too over the top there - but amusing nonetheless. That info might even be out there in the public domain, enough people at Cambridge knew about him.

Lastly, if you remember a few years back, a D-notice was lifted about the "the Practice Coup" that happened. It was no practice of course, but it was only after a few people like myself kept telling journalists to enquire about why there was still a D-notice on what had happened that they finally gave a third of the story out and a documentary was made about it.

If you are interested in a slightly more comprehensive account of the facts, I can send you the gist of the story with quite a few names. If you already know the inside story on this though it may be of little interest. If it is news to you and you are interested, a quick call to the press office should tell you that the version that you are given is still D-noticed. I would appreciate you not disclosing my name / email if you make the enquiry.

I am surprised that other names are not yet out over the Savile case, Fluff Freeman, Brian Epstein, Meeks, (and King of course though he has already been prosecuted for some of his crimes). It was the parties at Freeman's where Savile used to play with the boys - I understand (though may be in error) that he tended to provide many of them himself.

Curiously, he tended to be fairly discreet about the boys yet everyone and his dog knew he liked little girls.

Tiz a strange and fucked up world.

Anyway if you want the info about the "practice" coup give me a shout and you can have a fairly detailed acount with the prime movers behind it, who thwarted it and so on.

I heard about the necrophilia, apparently they say that's why he used to volunteer with so much free hospital work (free unhindered access to dead people). Sounds too sick to comprehend, but we all know how paedophiles are so keen to volunteer on the babysitting/nappychanging front, so I suppose it's the same.

I'm only just recovering from a flood damamged laptop (I lost everything) but I do remember receiving an email from a man that was abused in care, and apparently one of his friends was locked inside a big tea chest with holes drilled in it. He was dropped off in a van in a room with Jimmy Savile and Jonathon King in it, and they took it in turns to stick their cocks in the holes and make him suck them off with threats and such forth. Jonathon King kept bitching at him for crying, he was angry because the kids they were abusing were supposed to be grateful. He said King was a well known 'nasty' paedophile, as in gaining sexual gratification from sadistically abusing them!

They said they were going to drop him in a river when they were done, then the bloke who dropped him off picked him up, took him back to the care home, unlocked the tea chest and slapped him about a bit, telling him if he grassed he'd be killed.

He reported it to the police many years later as an adult, but it was just his word against theirs and never went any further.

I've lost the email now, along with everything else, but the bloke that emailed me the details seemed convinced it was all true.

From: Lorraine

Hello Sean,

Read your Sex Offenders Register on your website, and was actually not shocked at the names on it...

Im a friend of Sharon Henderson from Sunderland, who has had a little local press coverage lately, concerning the murder of her daughter Nikki Allen,aged 9 at the time, which happened 20 year ago, and the accused, George Heron (who admitted the crime)but was never convicted, because the Judge thought the confessions he made to the police were 'inadmissable' (apparently, he was 'bullied'...). She has been fighting for Justice ever since, and I wanted to ask you if you could add this case to your website, to raise awareness of Nikki's murder and an eventual conviction for George Heron.

I have copied and pasted the Sex Offenders Register from your website to Facebook, and hope to raise awareness of these evil peadophiles. Thank you so much for your fantastic website

Best regards,
Lorraine x

I can't stick him in the database because he's unfortunately yet to be convicted. I can publish your email though.

Hope that helps!

From: Tony

Dear Sean,

I have been reading the information on your website, particularly with regard to the sex offenders register, in light of the recent Saville revelations. I totally agree with everything you say about these sick, vile perverted individuals who it seems can freely indulge in these evil practices without fear of prosecution. I really do hope that you will be able to have their identities brought int the public eye and have them put where they belong, behind bars forever. I have to say that I have had my own suspicions about one or two of the names you mention but never imagined anything on this scale. Please keep up the good work and very good luck to you.

Tony Edwards

Those tory pricks are going to end up blowing themselves out of the water over this. The Conservatives are going to end up a brand name beyond redemption if they keep this up. Which, in itself, may not be a bad thing.

When cover ups where responsible for the horrific levels of abuse inflicted by Savile and his sick friends, now is not the time to cover up, or be seen to cover up.

They're best off distancing themselves from the lot of them, and leaving them to their own defences. Louis Walsh had to deal with his allegations in public, as did Mathew Kelly to name but two.

What makes their freinds so special?

From: Rob


Just read through your list of local and central government officials convicted of child sex abuse or acts of indecency and noticed a name missing from the list, Patrick westmore, from the isle of wight , one time labour local councillor I believe, don't know of there's anything about him on web.

Keep up the good work...

Thanks for the info.

More on that coup from Anonymous...

From: Anonymous

Ok, this is a link to the docudrama program broadcast originally on BBC2 about 6 years ago http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780586/ . It was the first time a significant amount of information about the attempted coup was acknowledged. Until then the few who knew were branded crackpots, dreamers or conspiracy theory nutters. As it transpired they were far nearer the truth than most would have guessed.

If you find the documentary on torrent (shouldn't be too hard) it does make for an interesting item. Where it differs from reality however is that I recall the documentary made much mention of a "rehearsal", "excercise" or "dry run" to see how they (military) could do it if they wanted.

It wasn't a rehearsal though, it was the real thing which was only halted as the tanks were approaching Downing Street and Sir John Hackett was informed of the intention to install Mountbatten and imprison Wilson. The following email is the one I was given by my friend some 15+ years ago.

If you have any specific questions that you want answering I will try and find out for you - I am still in touch with the source. The email is almost "story like" which just happens to be his style of writing things. At the time I had his consent to send a slightly redacted version to several members of the press to see if they could get anywhere (they couldn't due to D-notices) but it is interesting that the title he chose for the explanation of what happened was then used to make a book/film with a similar plot to reality.


A Typically British Coup

It was a warm summers day, a Saturday if my memory serves me correct, I was flying back into Heathrow Airport after a couple of days in Paris on business.

I passed rapidly through the terminal (the building which is now Terminal Two) and emerged into the large open concourse to look for a taxi.

Thinking back, I might have seen an enhanced security presence within the Terminal, but, if I did, it was discreet enough for me not to notice it, therefore, as I hurried through the building, nothing had prepared me for what I saw as soon as I emerged from the building.

At the opposite side of the concourse, a line of khaki camouflaged Army lorries dominated the thronging scene of cars, taxis buses and pedestrians. Curious, I stopped abruptly and looked more closely at the improbable scene. It was then that I realized that, in the large splash of khaki stood a number of armoured cars and personnel carriers.

"What the hell?", I muttered, I had seen television film of such sights in remote countries. In riot torn Paris I had seen conspicuous evidence of such a military presence. But nothing to compare with the naked gun barrels that faced the building.

An immediate urge to get away, since it seemed that such a presence could imply no good, overwhelmed me. I hurried to the taxi rank and clambered, thankfully, into the first vacant cab.

"Euston", and , as he pulled away from the curb, settled back, keeping a wary eye on the military presence. Who could be sure that the artillery might not be used? And, less conspicuous, but very evident, the loitering soldiers, automatic weapons cradled in their arms.

I leaned forward, "What the hell is all that about?", I asked my driver. I didn't need to tell him what I was asking about. He shrugged. We entered the tunnel. In the gloom he told me "That's nothing, there's ruddy tanks and armoured cars on the road. Four or five roadblocks between here and Hounslow, don't ask me why".

"No idea?" I asked incredulously. "None", he reiterated, "none at all mate, looks like a military take over".

As we drove down the A4, that, before the M4 was the major route to London, I saw what he meant. At the first roadblock we were waived down and, perhaps as it was surround by luggage, I was asked for my passport. It was examined, although somewhat cursorily, and we were waived on. I was anxious. I could feel my pulse racing. What was going on?

At the ensuing roadblocks with armoured vehicles facing both ways, and manned by armed troops, we were waived by. It was strange and slightly worrying.

Neither in the news that evening, nor in the front of the morning papers was there any evident explanation. On the inside pages I found the story. There was believed to be a threat by a terrorist organization to shoot down a plane landing at - or leaving - Heathrow. It was an explanation, but somehow, it was not convincing. Such a huge military presence would surely only deter such an attack, not root out the potential perpetrators It could only be a threat delayed. But anyway, the plan seemed absurd, what could such an act achieve? The terrorists beginning to multiply across Europe and the Middle East seemed, generally, to have fairly clear objectives.

There was however, no other obvious explanation. Until 1974.

It was the second General Election of the year. Harold Wilson had been Prime Minister at the time of my alarming arrival at Heathrow.

In the late mid term of his 1966 - 70 Ministry he had been very unpopular. His own party saw him as a right wing compromiser; the opposition portrayed him as a crypto Communist. It was then, a turbulent time in politics. There were parliament defectives, including the MP for Pembrookshire, Desmond Donnely who was the author of a book "The Gathering Storm" about the overthrow of a Labour Prime Minister.

Harold Wilson seemed, at the time, friendless, and it was no great surprise when he lost the 1970 election to Edward Heath.

By 1974, he recovered a good deal of his popularity, and his presence at an election rally was a great draw.

It was behind the scenes of his "day campaigning" that, the conversation with a very senior member of his staff moved to those turbulent days of the 60's, and I mentioned my apprehension on encountering the military at Heathrow.

"It was of course", they said, "a very serious event". "The terrorist threat", I asked. It had never materialized. "Wasn't it a touch of overreaction?" My observation was greeted with a grimace. "The terrorist threat was close to home?" I ventured? I dare say I looked as quizzical as I felt.

"It's a long story, but in essence, it was an attempted Coup d'Etat". I'm quite sure my eyes widened. I had, of course, speculated on many possibilities, including that, but discounted an explanation so wild. I realized, however, there was no twinkle in the eyes that faced me, rather grimness.

It is a simple story. The cavalry, of course are one of the great aristocratic traditions of the British Army. Once, they were recruited amongst the idiot younger sons of the landed gentry to charge the cannons without thinking about it. Now, we recruit graduates to master the technology of the armour that has replaced the horses. They are more inclined to have minds, and sometimes they are hard to control.

Anyway, convinced that Mr. Wilson had lost his mandate, control of his party and was, as rumour had it, actually controlled by Russia, a plot was hatched.

I was told, "At the centre of it was Cecil King, Chairman of the Mirror Group, who felt slighted by Mr Wilson. A powerful man with powerful connections. The plot he, and those he gathered around him, hatched, was to overthrow the government and replace it by a Popular Government to be headed by the ubiquitous figure of Earl Mountbatten."

"Through the "country-set" connections, it was not hard to involve the Salisbury Plain brigade who had enough armour to take over the seat of government with ease, arrest Mr. Wilson and his government, and put in place their own administration."

"Who knows, it might have worked, but they were so sure of the support of the military hierarchy, who could be heard at dinner parties making their own doubts known, that they decided to leave involving them until the very last moment."

"It was, therefore, after they had left barracks early on the morning the day you arrived from Heathrow that they radioed Sir John Hackett, CIGS to inform him of their intention."

"Whatever Sir John's personal opinion however, he was first and foremost, a traditionalist and such a move was beyond his ability to support. He told them so."

"Unfortunately, the massive movement of troops and armour towards London could not go unnoticed, even at such an early hour. The Army were already receiving press calls for explanations."

"Rapidly, an explanation was created. The story of the terrorist threat. It did not, admittedly, stand close scrutiny, but "D Notices" could be - and were - issued on the basis of a threat to National Security."

"A few days later, the forces returned to barracks, there were judicious retirements and transfers, and the threat went away." Well, that's the story. But you'll never hear it again. There was much I wanted to ask, but the Prime Minister's arrival was imminent, and anyway, it was clear such questions were not welcome.

Early in the nineties, a journalist acquaintance of mine, intrigued by the stories, began to ask questions. It was still "D Notice" time.


As I say the televised documentary will back up some of the above but there are a lot of "gaps" in that which the above might help to fill in. If you have any specific question I can try and get answers if you are interested. I doubt I will be able to name any further names though.

I wonder if they'll be doing the same over Cameron's continued and ongoing coverup of the true scale of the UK's state run institutionalised paedo sex rings? Media attention is global, even the yanks are starting to take note.

Apparently Ken Clarke has been playing on the tracks for some time now. He seems convinced that a train can read a D-Notice. He'd be well advised to contact Jeremy Clarkson for details. I don't think this one stops to ask if you're okay.

From: Tony

Dear Sean, further to my earlier message. I wish there were something I could do to assist in your quest to have these individuals exposed for the filthy,evil,vile disgusting creatures they are. I am currently spreading the word among people I know,family and friends etc. I know little about politics,though I have for a long time thought that there was something odd to say the least about some of those you mention on your website. If there is anything further I can do to assist please do let me know.

Tony Edwards

You're already doing it, email friends/family, and post links on forums/social networks. I've got lots of facebook/forum soldiers out there spreading the word and raising awareness. They've taken my traffic up from 300 a day to well over 2000 a day and rising.

Keep up the good work!

From: J.P

Do you have a Facebook page!!!

I don't do Facebook, I've got my own domain for starters, and I don't think the stuff I publish would last too long over there.

I'm also off the electoral roll, as I'm a double attempted murder victim, both attackers still roam free, and I don't fancy adding myself, along with real life friends and family, to the largest publicly searchable database known to man.

I get lots of traffic from there from people who like the site though, feel free to join them and plug the site. If you want any traffic back for the fan/friend/follow stuff fill the online form in for an instant linkswap, and post the code on your page. Paste the http address of your facebook page into the 'full url' box, your name for site name, and 'my facebook page' or something similar in the description box.

Most Facebook users can't work it out, but maybe one day one of them will.

more paedos in power

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