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Move Along...

Nothing To See Here!

The staple diet of inquiry findings for governments the world over. Be it Dunblane, David Kelly, Deep Cut, Princess Diana, paedo sex, asbestos poisining, or indeed any other stunning example of governments abusing and violating their own people with immunity.

I'd like to think that if I wrote a letter saying "Tony Blair's trying to kill me as part of an ongoing 'Shut him up! Shut him up! We don't like it' campaign. He's planning cut me off the internet, like a monster strangling a baby, and either goad me into attacking the paedo loving beaurocrats who enforce his will so he can shoot me like Jean Charles De Menezes, or bully me into suicide with the unbearable sufferings of his ongoing tyranny. Whichever is the sooner!" Somebody somewhere would take notice if I suddenly died and everything I said turned out to be true...

Sometimes it looks glaringly obvious when it's been spelt out to you in black and white like Diana's letter, and the whole thing looks even more suspicious still when you see statements like "When I return from my holiday I will make a statement that will cause shock and surprise" being made days before her death quoted on the Diana Conspiracy site!

It's perhaps no wonder then, that the coroner asked to put his name to yet another damage limitation exercise, has politely declined the offer...

There may well be lots of power and wealth to be found in colluding with the forces of darkness, but for those with the historical forsight to recognise the true value, and with it the true shame, of adding your name to the ever growing list of gravy train junkies, snouts deep in the trough, a polite decline is the logical alternative to the truth telling opportunity of becoming Blair's next Doctor Kelly.

As far as french tragedies go, my own experience is not that far off Diana's. I used to think the accent of a french woman was sexy, but now the french can claim a place for themselves alongside middle america for voices with a higher than average success rate in producing an involuntary shudder down my spine. Whenever I hear them, I feel like an abused child being asked to sit on their abusers knee, or a rape victim hearing the torments of their attacker, depending upon which analogy you prefer.

I couldn't have sex with one now. I've no idea how many years or decades, or indeed lifetimes it may take to get over the ongoing hell of my french experience with Sophie, but it won't be any time soon!

My self employed on New Deal experience to date has shown me that you really are better off getting a good credit card and doing it all yourself. Especially when you consider the finance options are 22% apr, and you have to create shitloads of business plan/cash flow paperwork to get them.

How much would the tax payer save each year if all the Inbiz type contracts in the country were replaced with forum/helpdesk internet software (not neccesarily mine), and the free internet access offered at every jobclub/library in the country?

On the subject of those who profit from human suffering, the downstairs, and only, shower in the house is burnt out. I saw loads of smoke coming out of the box and smelt electrical burning when I used it the other day, and now it's only cold water coming out, all this while the landlord who can't afford to fix anything because he's "soooo broke!" is creaming off £660 ($1,200) per week for that one property alone...

I'm not sure what conditions are like in Cuba, but "working at home for change" seems to involve a higher than average chance of electrocution where I live. I wonder what words of encouragement Condoleeza would have for the likes of me...

Or the countless tens of thousands of child torture victims of the paedophile Blair regime!

Unfortunately, the tears of republican america seem only to shed for the sufferings of regimes who refuse the plunderous demands of the big american multi nationals, leaving the sufferings of regimes that don't to continue in silence.

The paedo lover Blair must die!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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