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My Rosa Parks Day

Eat My Shorts!

It was hot and sunny on Monday, so I wore my favourite shorts. A pair of classy worn out Levis, cut off at the knees, with authentic worn out holes, for extra character!

Shortly after arriving at CDG for my ninth week of reading the same jobs in the same weekly job paper in order that they may justify CDG's New Deal training contracts to the jobcentre, and their Social Funding to the EU, a little fat nazi woman started pottering around each room of the building, putting loads of 'no shorts allowed' signs up on every available wall...

Dot wears way too much make up on her old and craggy face. She looks like a burnt out brothel madam, but there were no signs demanding she goes home and washes all the polyfilla out from the cracks in her face, and her blessed sidekick Andy looks like a little gay spidermonkey, but likewise there weren't any 'no gay spidermonkies' signs for him either.

Just 'no shorts allowed' ones for me!

In the afternoon, three boys sitting at the back of the 'jobsearch classroom' offered me a CDG complaints form to fill in about the new 'no shorts' rule. They'd already filled theirs in, along with three others. I was number seven. I filled mine in, and between us, we managed to get another ten official complaints before we ran out of forms.

After they'd taken them to the top floor, I went for a glass of orange juice from the kitchen area (there used to be coffee and tea, but Dot took them away because people kept stealing it), when Andy started bitching at me demanding I justify getting a cool drink on a hot sunny day, and we had a row.

On Tuesday I wore my shorts again, because it was hot, and I like them, irrespective of the opinions of the CDG vermin, who are jealous of my legs. I was called into the office, and the green eyed monster Dot, took me into the classroom, and called the adjoining room into to lecture everyone on her new 'no shorts' rule...

Apparently the complaint forms were sent straight down from the top floor to Dots desk, so in Dot's words, we'd all 'shot ourselves in the foot' as far as filling them in is concerned, as she knew who we were. Presumably, particularly vile job placements and various 'respect my authority' annoyances could be expected to follow.

Dot likes to 'get her own back' in whatever way she can. There's a chinese boy there who incurred her wrath by refusing to say anything when she tried to force him onto one of the work placements they advertise on their webshite as 'voluntary'. He said nothing for fear of getting his benefits cut for refusing a work placement for a job he doesn't want to do, and just sat at her desk in total silence as she demanded to know why he was refusing to speak, and ranted and raved at him about being lazy and unco-operative and whatnot.

A few days later she saw him taking some kind of Health and Safety course in one of the classrooms learning CPR and the kiss of life, when she stormed into the room and threw him out for pissing her off with his silence.

Dot's not alone in her racism against the Chinese. The British media are all too keen on exposing China's human rights abuses, with all manner of John Pilger type 'the horror, the horror' documentaries exposing chinese factories using free prison labour to compete with britain's factories, but they're strangely silent on their own country's abuses, with absolutely no mention on the Co-op supermarket who, despite proudly displaying 'fair trade' slogans on their lorries have no problem profiteering from british forced labour victims, who unlike their chinese counterparts, never indulged in the luxury of committing a crime, nor being tried with juries and lawyers, and all manner of appeals available to them in order to serve their community service...

Unless you count being unemployed as a crime!

But Co-op aren't the only profiteers of forced labour in the UK. Every time you hand over money to Pampurred Pets, or The British Heart Foundation, or any other company that accepts CDG or any other New Deal work placements, you're funding it.

After Dot's lecture on Tuesday, Andy called me into the office as I was waiting to sign out, and told me I was dismissed from New Deal after everything that had happened the previous day. I filled in a complaint form at the jobcentre when I went to sign back on in the hope that CDG would lose their contracts, but in a country as corrupt and vile as the UK, complaining to the vermin who pull the strings in the background, about their vile and disgusting friends is, as even the police are about to discover, ultimately futile!

I've just sent a second complaint to the EU Social Fund. Click the link below if you want to send one too...

Please withdraw all EU Social funding to the UK!

This is the second complaint I've sent to you requesting the withdrawal of EU social funding in the UK, and with it, the funding of compulsory forced labour programmes in the UK for people whose only crime is to be unemployed!

Please withdraw all EU Social funding to the UK, in particular the funding you currently provide to 'Career Development Group' in Portsmouth, Hampshire, whose racism, and sexism in the workplace is intolerable in the extreme...


22/Apr/2007 0:08

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