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My Tooth Hurts...

NHS Dental Holocaust!

Twenty years ago I went to a dentist in Victoria Road, just north of the old probation office because one of my fillings came out and I had toothache. The dentist was a very elderly man, with shaky hands!

He took x rays, and said he'd replace the filling, and also do another as he pointed to another tooth and told me it would cause me problems later. I could see the dark area on the tooth that ached, but couldn't see anything wrong with the additional filling he claimed I needed.

He assured me that the reason I couldn't see the damage he saw to the additional tooth on the x rays was because I wasn't a trained dentist and he was.

Irrespective of whether or not the tooth was actually damaged and he was just creaming yet more cash off the NHS for work that didn't need doing, the fact is he was right about one thing...

That tooth was going to cause problems in later life!

Some time ago, as I was eating some spaghetti on toast, I ate a bit of crunchy toast that wouldn't crunch. I crunched harder and harder as I ate my dinner until I realised the crunching seemed to make more bits of crunchy toast, and my tooth felt funny.

I spat my mouthful of food out and found I'd been chewing the filling of that tooth that would cause problems in later life. I think I may have cracked a wisdom tooth at the back, and maybe an upper tooth on that side too!

It didn't hurt much, and so I never went to the dentist about it as I only go when the pain of not going is greater than the pain of going. Also, I don't want any more mercury in my mouth. Last week I was in agony because of that tooth, and couldn't sleep, so I tried to pull it out with my fingers.

I managed to get it wiggly but my fingers kept slipping off when I tried to pull it. It didn't matter though as I found an Ibuprofen in my room, and it took enough edge off the pain to let me get some sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I had a huge lump sticking out the side of my face. It was an abscess.

I went to my dentist on Friday but they bumped me off because I'm NHS, and they prefer Botox patients. I'm now one of those people you see on TV standing in long queues looking for an NHS dentist. I spent Friday night in agony, and when I got to the hospital for emergency treatment the following morning, I saw the police had sealed off an area outside the hospital after a 15 year old girl was indecently assaulted the night before. I'm not sure if the pain she experienced that evening is greater, or less than mine, but I hope the police surgeons who dealt with her weren't as savage as the dental surgeons who dealt with me, or rather didn't as they were too busy giving Botox jabs to people with more money than sense.

I've so far coughed up £7.80 in bus fares plus £3.99 mouthwash, making a grand total of £11.79, and my tooth still hurts, but at least I can chew food now.

And I don't care about my crows feet anymore!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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