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"My name's Sean, and sticking the Linux disk in was my idea!"
My windows 7 Advert
My Windows 7 Advert

Don't buy a computer from Dell. They come pre-installed with a shitload of spam, and an inbuilt local datasafe toaster virus!

Mine gave up the ghost last week, when it booted to a blank screen telling me there was no operating system installed. It's got something to do with the pre-installed 'Dell Datasafe' virus, that knocks out the inbuilt Windows 7 functions of creating both a system recovery disk, and a disk image, in favour of a spammy virus called 'toaster' that only lets you do a factory pre-installed image and fucks up your boot sector when you set your box up as dual boot.

The solution is Linux, and after spending an entire evening tweaking it to my laptop specifications, I can honestly say that my new Linux laptop is genuinely better than it's Windows counterpart.

Wave goodbye to viruses and hackers, and say hello to Linux with Ubuntu 10.10.

Installation and setup was faster and easier than Win 7, boot time's faster, and shutdown times are faster still. Viruses are unheard of, and as far as hacking's concerned, hackers get 1 point for breaking into a Windows box and 3 for Linux whenever they have contests.

Graphics were a big dissapointment with Windows 7, mp3 visualisations in mediaplayer were okay in small screen, but blocky in fullscreen, not so with audacious and Project M in Linux. Likewise, DVD playback wasn't very crisp at fullscreen with mediaplayer in Win 7, but it's noticeably sharper with VLC in Linux.

You have to install Audacious and VLC yourself admittedly as Ubuntu comes with Rhythm Box and Movie Player which are both crap, and you have to download mp3 and DVD codecs which may be a bit fiddly for some, as well as getting any sound working in the first place, but as I said, if you're prepared to spend an evening digging out Linux drivers online, you'll be very surprised indeed at the results...

Best of all it's free!

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27/Jan/2011 18:04

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