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Newspaper Editors On MI6 Payroll
MI6 spy!
Dominic Lawson
MI6 spy!
Peter Stothard

Ever wondered why the British media slavishly follow the official Government line on everything. Why they seem to churn out endless reams of fantical right wing propaganda, packaged as 'news'?

I can tell you why. It's because they're on the MI6 payroll, that's why!

At least two of Britains top newspaper editors are in fact MI6 spies.

They are, Dominic Lawson, editor of The Sunday Telegraph, and Peter Stothard, editor of The Times.

They're paid for their services through a department of MI6 known as "Department I Ops", (department of information operations).

The usual arrangement for such increasingly common operations is MI6 matching their current salary. The money is paid monthly, through a secret offshore bank account, set up in a false name, and physically impossible to trace.

In return, these agents, or "assets" as they're known, are expected to "keep their eyes open", and keep their secret paymasters informed about both their work, and their colleagues.

Not a  spy!
Jon Snow

There's nothing new in any of this, it's been going on for years. As Jon Snow, Channel 4 news anchorman, is well aware. He's publicly gone on record, detailing MI6 attempts to recruit him.

In 1976, when Snow first joined ITN, he was secretly summoned to room 055, in the Ministry Of Defence. He was asked to keep MI6 informed of his work, and his colleagues, for which he'd receive the usual sum (matching his salary), paid into a secret bank account, so that he'd have to pay no tax (yes the Government actively supports tax dodging amongst it's own).

Jon Snow refused the offer (unlike Lawson and Stothard) and, to this day, is very suspicious of any colleagues that slavishly follow the Government line.


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