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No More Child Abuse

No More Timmy

(child abuse victim speaks out)

Batttering children about the head and neck until they cry, for purposes of your own amusement, is not just a crime...

It's a sickness.

And it's a sickness that can only be cured by sterilisation, and segregation from the population at large.

I was disgusted to see Timmy Mallet popping his vile and sisgusting head upon my TV when I was flicking through the chanels the other day. I thought we left him behind with herpes, big hair, and shoulder pads in the eighties, but according to the rapist loving TV executives of Grananda, he's still alive and well, and desperately begging for yet more of our attention on ITV's I'm a Celebrity.

At first I thought I may have been getting myself at it as the images of the Timmy Mallet child abuse victims openly crying as he beat them around the head week in, and week out, as they queued up religiously at the thought of winning sweets and toys, entered my head.

But then I saw the Barnardos advert with a young girl getting slapped round the back of the head, and I thought "No, It's child abuse!"

I want to see Timmy Mallet cry for every child he ever beat to tears on Wac-A-Day, then I want to see him get violently beaten to death for food by the remaining contestants, as they whoop and cheer like the monkeys from 2001.

I think I may have been child abused with sticks by my English teacher!

27/Nov/2008 03:00

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