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November Tipping Point...
November Tipping Point - Hangman Unleashed
Hangman Unleashed!

I've been reading about the web bot on the internet. They say it predicted 9/11 amongst other things, and all the conspiracy nuts were getting in a tizzy because it was predicting something 1,000 times bigger to start on November 14th 2010 and run through till the end of January 2011. I stocked up on emergency rations of Pot Noodles and canned drinks to see me through any food shortages, and diligently checked all the news and conspiracy sites to see what would happen...

Apart from a few brief mentions of Ireland going bankrupt which web bot predicted, November 14th turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment apocalypse wise.

As a consolation, my budgeting loan of £350 from the social went into my bank account on the 15th so I bought a cheap laptop, and here's the results...

Hangman - I wrote Hangman to teach myself C++ and the Windows API. It's not only a great educational tool, it's also good fun too, as the words to guess are song titles. Five additional data files are also available through the game menu, including 'counties of the world' and 'whats the capital of?'.

Junior - Junior's based on the popular Hangman game, originally titled 'Hangman Junior' I added a speech synthesizer and removed all references to hanging people as it's aimed at pre-schoolers, and I didn't want to frighten them. In Junior you have to stop all the animals escaping instead.

I thought no more of the web bot predictions until just recently when, in true 'around the world in 80 days' style, I realised that midnight 15th November UK time is still 14th November US time!

I don't understand the way most of the predictions are worded but I noticed a reference to 'hang time', which sounds a bit like 'hangman', of which the 'release language' is 'C++'. That's about as much as I can fathom.

Apparently Clif, the bloke who runs the web bot program, said 'it doesn't count unless a waitress in Miami is texting her friends about it', which sounds suspisciously like a low waged mother with neither the finances or the time to sit down and teach their two year old to read and write, proudly texting all their friends when their baby learns to spell their first words through playing Junior. So if you're a struggling parent with toddlers who can't read (anywhere in the world, but particularly in Miami), check the little muppets out on Junior for a few hours a day, and see how they get on after a week or two, then email me the results before the end of January, so I can claim my tipping point prize.

In the meantime, you have to empty your bank account and buy silver, or you lose all your savings apparently!

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07/Jan/2011 13:54

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