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Paedo's Out...

The Horror! The Horror!

Is it true Peter Mandelson's a paedophile?

What happened to the brazilian bum boy he had shipped in from south america? And was the boy of correct age when Mandy first met him? He's certainly very 'paedo-like' in his mannerisms. It would come as no surprise to me if the rumours are true.

I've seen him celebrating his new appointment on TV, parading his dog up and down the road in a bizarre fashion, and I mean that quite literally, as he was wearing pedal-pushers at the time!

But then again, there's always that billion to one chance where you'd think it'd be him, but it's not...

It's everybody else!

I hope Tony Blair doesn't think he can squirm out of the protection of elite paedo sex rings allegations on any technicalities like he did with the hoax Mirror photos. It was an interesting split in the usual US/UK alliance on that one, with the US not only admitting everything, but also being honest enough to say the truth was far worse than anyone imagined, and the UK claiming there was no Iraqi abuse, and the fact that a few piccies were shown to be hoaxed means all the substantiated allegations were too. It would be a very grave tragedy to all the children whose lives have been, and are continuing to be, destroyed by the horrors of institutionalised abuse, should Tony Blair resort to such underhand tactics.

I don't think that anyone who thinks that a woman of Margaret Hodges character should be allowed to work with children should be allowed to pick and choose ministers. I believe their judgement is fundamentally flawed.

Mandy's £400,000 mortgage fraud should have been the end of him. Sneaking him back in again only to see him leave in disgrace yet again over his passports for cash scandal was just plain silly. Bringing him back for a third time is downright suicide.

On the subject of dodgy £400,000 windfalls, it's strange that when David Selwood wins a generous £74,000 lump sum, plus £400,000 benefits package over the next ten years, after being caught masturbating to child porn. Both the BBC and Childline gloss over the true horror of events (apparently at least five of the images where at the worst end of the scale - despite that BBC report), and the news bulletins were reporting that Mark Oaten, the local Lib/Dem councillor for Winchester, the town within which the convicted paedophile judge roams free, joining the chorus for a crackdown on people getting pissed at the weekends!

With all the things directly affecting the lives and welfare of his constituents (powerful paedos on the loose being just one), why is it that the only thing Mark Oaten considers worth ranting and raving about, is the problem of people getting a bit merry now and then? It does beg the question, is Mark Oaten a paedophile too?

Although depressingly, such bizarre coverups are becoming increasingly common, for it was only a few weeks ago that the same mainstream media were once again glossing over David Selwood's last court appearance, by flooding everyone with headlines of soccer yob firemen whose holiday antics had been decided to be of greater public concern than the very real horror of paedo's in power. Even David Blunkett himself hurled all his weight behind that particular media bandwagon with his pledges to 'nail' the fireman concerned, stoking the flames still further, ensuring an even greater distraction for peoples attentions than the altogether more disturbing horrors of state run paedo sex rings.

I think if Charles Kennedy can accept the resignation of Jenny Tonge for her comments on suicide bombers, then there's no doubt he can accept the resignation of Mark Oaten for the far graver crime of ignoring the paedophile menace on his own doorstep, and in doing so, publicly ask why Tony Blair doggedly refuses to do likewise with the likes of Margaret Hodge, Colin Inglis, and the God knows how many other monsters Blair insists on nurturing within his tyranical regime of terror.

At time of writing, it's interesting to note that as countless thousands of innocent children in the UK are forced to experience first hand the true horror of state run paedo sex rings, the lead story on the news and in most of the papers is "Computer games kill" and calls for new laws to 'protect us' from the freedom of playing them. Apparently the imaginary risk of being killed by a computer game is of far greater public interest than the very real risk of children, or any of us for that matter, being abused by paedos in power!

Finally, as the government publishes its advice to the public on preparing for terror attacks, I feel it only right that I publish my advice too...

Stay Away From Government Buildings!

Buildings full of beaurocrats are the target of choice for any self respecting terrorist about town, which is why it's always wise to stay away from them. Always be mindful when walking past any such building that it could explode at any minute, and adapt the path of your journey accordingly. Also, please bear in mind that it's not just Al-Qaeda that get off on attacking governments, it could be a paedos out mob, a fathers for justice group, a pensioner group, or any individual from the well over 90% of the population that has a legitimate grievance with Tony Blair, and those that serve him. So that's all the more reason to be alert.

Homeschool Your Children!

Terrorists are the least of your worries. With Blair's support of monsters in power, your children are far more likely to be abused by a teacher than a terrorist. Check out the teacher links in the castlist for yourself, and remember they're just the ones who got caught. There are plenty more where they came from, and why take the risk of letting one scar your child with abuse?

Stay Away From HSBC!

There must be a reason why they keep getting blown up, and after experiencing their customer service myself at first hand, I must say that I'm not surprised. I've noticed that they've advised their customers to take large sums infrequently from their branches as opposed to small sums frequently, and I suspect it's their way of telling their customers to minimize contact with buildings that could explode at any minute. My advice is to empty your HSBC account, and put it with a company that doesn't get blown up so much!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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