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Pedo Loving Sluts...

And The Men Who Forgive Them!

I'm surprised nobody's shot her yet. Or her paedo loving boss for that matter...

Mind you, with me not only not getting my extra New Deal tenner a week, but also getting ten pounds a week less (that works out about twenty pounds a week down), and getting council harrassment over housing benefit, and still no dentist, I'm surprised I haven't shot them yet too!

I 'chose' the self employment option for my third New Deal experience, as I couldn't stomach another round with the Eastpoint/Dove vermin, and I'm intending to start selling my script soon.

So far it's been a month of yet more lies, with a three month preparation stage being knocked down to one, and apparently the 200 pound budget they used to have being knocked down to about 100. Although the last 200 pound "we're sooo broke" budget was really 750 plus vat for the fork lift plus whatever Eastpoint and Dove were getting.

That's just the money that was wasted...

What about my time?

My New Deal experiences go back to the beginning of the millenium, but the overall theme of being bullied into time wasting activities, that serve only to line the pockets of parasites, by a neverending stream of vile beaurocrats stretches way back to Thatcher, and even beyond if you look at the education system in a similar light.

How much do schools charge per year per kid?

How much of the education and training they get is relevant to whatever it is they want to do for a living?

And how much of their time is wasted by it?

Homeschool your kids!


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