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Portsmouth, The FA Cup...

And World War III

Congratulations to Portsmouth FC on winning the FA cup...

If history's anything to go by, what happens next is some kind of world war breaks out as the good guys fight a tyranical dictator, hell bent on illegaly invading other countries, as their corrupt media spasticates the nation with bullshit news reports about how their war criminal soldiers are in fact 'heroes', which is why it goes on for so long.

In the meantime, all football matches are cancelled, allowing Portsmouth get to keep it for a record breaking period of time, and when it all ends Europe questions itself on how a civilised nation could possibly stoop to such levels, as the responsible government and their henchmen are sentenced to mandatory life, if not death, sentences.

I remember when I was a teenager, there was a period when some skinhead school leavers, with nothing better to do, used to phone in IRA bomb hoaxes to the school just for fun, and if you got to meet them whilst smoking fags on the field at break you could ask them to do it at certain times to get out of double maths, and they would!

I'm not sure how much it costs to give history a nudge, but I've no doubt some Pompey fan somewhere will consider getting future matches cancelled for the cost of a sim card and enough credit to spend every Saturday calling the premiership grounds of the UK saying "This is Al-Qaeda. There's a bomb in the ground. It's set to go off this afternoon!" and hanging up, money well spent.

And if it pisses the paedo loving government, or their treacherous media chums off, let me say right here and now, that I'm one of them...

Records are there to be broken!

My laptop chargers broke, and I can't upload my FA cup video as I can't get a Linux SPV E200 USB driver, which is why there've been no updates of late. I got blisters on my feet getting that on my cellphone. It's really small and I missed it at first, so I had to walk all the way back to Southsea to catch up with the bus again to get it. Some black geezer was dangling it over the side of the bus like Michael Jackson with a baby, and I managed to get it then.

I've since sent an email to Portsmouth FC asking for some pics of Baby Charlotte playing with it, wearing the lid on her head like the Portsmouth footballers were, but I've had no response...

I fear they may be child killers, in which case someone's got to nick that FA cup, melt it down and give the cash to Baby Charlotte's Bupa fund, which is something the filthy cunts of Portsmouth Council should have done with that spastic Spinnaker Tower many years ago!

On the subject of the spastics that fester within Portsmouth City Council, I'm sure that you'll be as thrilled as I am to know that whilst they were more than keen to give Paul, the bloke that got stabbed when I did (although, it must be said, he used to knock Natalie about and he deserved it), a free council flat, and Anne, the fat bird who laughed in my face, and claimed she didn't see anything when the pigs asked her wahat happened when Beth tried to stab me for a second time, has got a free council house, I'm still living in a doss house, and the paedo loving cunts at the council are refusing to award me mental health points based on the PTSD I'm suffering from as a result of being an attempted murder victim...


In my own home!

That being the case, I've no doubt you'll understand just how fucking offensive it is, as a double attempted murder victim, to see the spastics on TV fall over themselves to suck up to the French over that double knife killing.

What I want for the friends and family of the two french students now, is to have their entire income/benefits stopped (as I have for the past three months), and for the filthy pigs dealing with the case to move the people that did it into your homes, and to tell you that if you try and do anything about it, you'll be arrested, like they did me!

I also want them to take your children and hand them over to paedophiles, like they do in the UK, murder your nan by refusing her dialysis, like they do in the UK, and refuse you healthcare for the stab wounds you get when people try and kill you, like they do in the UK.

Until then, I want you all to shut the fuck up, and get the fuck off my TV, because it's fucking offensive.

In the meantime, Happy Independance Day!

If you're american, and you're reading this, spare a thought for those of us you left behind.

And the tens of thousands of innocent children that are going to be fucked up the arse, by politicians policemen and judges, with broken bottles and chair legs, even as you read this.

If you could see your way to blowing up a British embassy or two (for old times sake if nothing else), that would be great. Write it off as friendly fire if you must.

Enjoy your merriment, your turkey and your pumpkin pie.

But above all, enjoy your freedom!

04/Jul/2008 19:00

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