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Prozac, Bebo, and Internet Suicide Cults

Bridgend Bebo Babes Investigated

I saw my councillor yesterday and he asked me, as he always does, if I'd been feeling suicidal...

I've been on Prozac since I was attacked, and apparently suicidal tendencies are a well known side effect, and after experiencing the drug at first hand, I think I know why...

Prozac makes it harder for you to get angry (and possibly violent), which is something you're supposed to do when people abuse you. If you don't, not only does the abuse continue but it actually gets worse, and therein lies the suicide.

When I got home, I read of yet another Bridgend Bebo Babe killing themselves in the news, which made me start thinking...

1 How many were on Prozac?
2 How many were subject to the state sanctioned bullying of friendly job centre tards 'helping' them find a job?
3 Is there a Graham Coutts in Bridgend befriending vulnerable people on Bebo?

Then, as I pondered on the comments of the Daily Mail readers of middle England and there seemingly bizarre views of 'brainwashing', I considered the following fact, and realised they may have a point...

The Bridgend Bebo Babes started making a national impact on the media when the death toll reached 7. Meanwhile, in the north of Wales, the number of teens involved in the state run paedo sex rings who'd either killed themselves, or died under mysterious circumstances, reached a heartbreaking 14 a staggering ten years ago. God only knows what that figure is today, either in north Wales, or nationally, and yet the same media who consistently cry "How many more must die before something is done?", remain strangely silent...


20/Feb/2007 12:22

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