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She Wants It...

Simone's Aggressive Anal

Sometimes women say and do things just to make you fuck them up the arse harder...

That's Simone's excuse, but what about Ruth's?

Simone Clark may want it, but Ruth Kelly needs it!

She needs it to remind herself of the unbearable sufferings of the countless thousands of child torture victims of the paedophile blair regime.

She needs it to remind herself of what it feels like to be raped on camera for the viewing pleasures of the kind of pedo teachers she insists are safe to not only teach, but also to watch your children shower.

She needs it to remind herself of the hot potatoes her blessed son will get stuffed up his arse as he's tied to the mantelpiece in preparation of his fag years at eton and oxford.

She needs it to remind herself of the agonizing torture of the kind of ongoing toothache her paedo loving boss inflicts on his people.

She needs it to remind herself of the sufferings inflicted on communities that are forced to tolerate sex offenders roaming free amongst them by her government.

She needs it to remind herself of the institutionalised bullyings her government's minions dish out to its people day in, and day out.

She needs it to remind herself of the sufferings of those at the bottom of the ungodly two tiered society that she wallows in at the top.

She needs it to remind herself that not everyone needs specialist training and education because they are thick, some need it because they are smart.

She needs it for the two decades of jealous hatings a computer programmer with an iq of 165 gets because he 'looks like a builder' and must never earn more than the middle class tards at the jobcentre.

She needs it with an 18 inch, spiked, 500,000 volt, electro shock baton, and she needs it now!


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