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Slave Trade Evolved

Careers Development Group Reviewed!

My first experience of racism was when I first moved to Portsmouth...

I was raised in Leigh Park, one of the largest council estates in Europe, and when I first went to my new school I was told in no uncertain terms by the head of year at City Boys that the O levels I had spent the past two years studying for at Broomfield were 'different' to those of a 'non council estate school' and I was dropped to a CSE class instead.

I suppose if you want to be technically correct you'd have to refer to it as 'classism' as opposed to 'racism' but it doesn't really matter as it all amounts to the same basic 'elitism'.

That was twenty five years ago, and I'm not getting any younger, but all the same, the constant theme of institutionalised classism, and with it bullying, has been a recurring theme throughout my adult life, with the fucktard servants of the paedophile Blair regime, constantly bullying a computer programmer/writer/philosopher/website designer with an IQ of 165 into a series of dead end minimum wage, factory/labouring jobs because that's what he looks/talks like!

On my first day at CDG I was sent into the wrong room, and ended up sitiing a food hygiene exam. I'm now a fully qualified burger flipper, and would like to thank the paedo lover Blair, who must die, for opening such an exciting window of opportunity to a man of my abilities...

Dot walked into the room in the afternoon, and after not finding any willing participants for a 'CS card' or whatever it is the fuckwitted beaurocrats of the UK have decided you need to work on a building site in the UK these days, followed by a 'shovelling shit for your giro' work placement, and if you're really really good they might even offer you a minimum wage job at the end of it, she threatened to stick us all on any other kind of work placements immediately. Thankfully, nothing came of it, but all the same, the fact is they use work placements as a threat.

On the second day, after discovering I'd been in the wrong room on the first, a dragon called Sue walked into the room and started moaning about the fact that her last two placements had let her down. The first by having a fit on his first day, and the second by claiming his nan had died. Apparently neither of these are good enough reasons to shirk your way out of spending forty hours a week shovelling shit for your giro.

On the third day I heard one of the managers bragging about getting contracts from an unsavoury slave profiteering organisation in the UK called Meridian Group who, thrilled at the thought of not only getting a full forty hours a week labouring out of unemployed people for absolutely no wage at all, but also being paid a whopping £750 for being kind enough to allow such unfortunate individuals to work for them in the first place, informed her that they'd 'take as many labourers as they could get'.

Unfortunately the only careers that get developed at CDG are the people that work there...

At the expense of those that are sent there!

That was four weeks ago, and I've got another nine to go.

On Wednesday Sue the dragon walked into the room, and walked up to the first person she saw and asked him to step into her office...

She obvioulsy had an 'anyone will do' work placement lined up for him, and I immediately dived out of the room for a fag break outside for fear of being the next person on her hitlist. I went into the pub across the road and huddled a little bottle of Stella Artois for as long as I could before it ran out, then I went home for fear of being the next sap drafted into a dead end work placement, and on Friday, I discovered that my absence had been noted and there was an 'unauthorised absence warning' stamped on my time sheet.

And so it is that two hundred years on from the 'abolition' of slavery in the UK, Britain's very own Imelda Marcos moans about her human rights being abused, as I spend the next nine weeks nursing my never ending toothache, hiding outside the Venture Tower from CDG staff like the little girl from Schindlers List hiding under the bed from the Nazis.

I've just sent the following email to the EU Social Fund. Click the link below if you want to send one too...

Forced Labour Is A Crime!

Please withdraw all EU Social funding to the UK, in particular the funding you currently provide to 'Career Development Group' in Portsmouth, Hampshire, as detailed below...


24/Mar/2007 22:11

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