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The End Justifies The Means
Mad bombers!
Mossad: Israeli Secret Service.

We've all heard of the disgusting levels to which the Security Services of any country are prepared to go, this is where we hear the old saying "The end justifys the means".

What that basically means is, "It doesn't matter what you have to do. So long as you end up getting what you want, do it". As can be seen in the following real life example.

In 1988, British Police discovered Ismael Sowan, a 28 year old research assistant at Humberside College, to be in possession of a large quantity of arms and explosives. At first, it was assumed he was an arab terrorist. But it turns out he was working for Mossad. Sowan was sent to prison for 11 years.

At the time Britain was about to re-establish diplomatic links with Syria and had also just got a contract to sell Saudi Arabia £10,000,000,000 worth of military equipment. As a result Israel was anxious to show that Britain shouldn't trust these Middle Eastern terrorsists, and so sent Sowan to let off bombs in Britain, leaving enough forensic evidence to point to Middle East countries, damaging Anglo-Arab relations.

Sowan was run by a five man Mossad team operating under the cover of a private company with the approval of the Foreign Office and MI5 because in return Mossad was giving MI6 useful information about Middle East terrorist groups and hostages held in Lebanon.

Upon discovering the Israelis dastardly plot, the Foreign Office expelled two attaches at the Israeli Embassy, and ordered the undercover Mossad team to leave.

Israel retaliated by telling MI6 that their exchange of information about terrorists and hostages was at an end.

MI6 was horrified, and warned MI5 that it was recieving far more from Mossad than it was giving the Israelis. MI5 put pressure on the Foreign Office who let a Mossad undercover team return to Britain.


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