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60 Years Ago Today...

A True Patriot Shone!

They say if you were sent back in time and had the chance to kill Adolph Hitler, would you take it. And for most people, with the benefit of knowing all the facts about Hitlers reign of terror, the answer to that question would be yes.

One man did get that chance sixty years ago today, and he took it!

What makes that mans actions all the more remarkable is that he never had the benefit of hindsight. He was there at the time, he never came from the future. And yet he still did it. That's because he was a man of good judgment. He knew full well where his place in the History books would finally be, irrespective of the immediate media reaction to his actions.

That man was prepared to kill his leader for the benefit of his country. That man was a true patriot. That man was Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.

Unfortunately Stauffenberg failed in his assassination attempt, and he was duly crucified as a terrorist and a traitor by the german media after being executed on Hitler's orders, within hours of the failed attempt. Although his actions are remembered today by a grateful German people who recognise him, as a true patriot, and a martyr, as the rest of the world does.

Sixty years on in the UK you'd be forgiven for thinking Hitler had actually won the war, as Blair announces an end to "liberal concensus", and with it, and end to the freedoms the pensioners of the UK paid for in blood.

What example does Blair himself set when it comes to following rules and regulations? And why the media blitz on banning people getting pissed, and dropping litter, as small children endure the most horrific abuses imagineable by the very real terror of paedos in power?

It's merely a prelude to yet more draconian infringements on peoples God given freedoms, orchestrated by monsters in government. Creating a problem in peoples minds by bombarding them with "Something must be done!" headlines with one hand, whilst providing a solution in yet more legislation that can expect to be steamrollered through with the full support of the ever subservient paedos in power that Blair protects with the other, all whilst at the same time keeping the altogether more alarming headlines of the silent plight of Britains child abuse victims away from everyone's attention.

I approve of killing Adolph Hitler. And I approve of killing Blair too.

I don't like the man. I never have done, and I never will.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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