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Stop The Terror

Blair's Paedo Terror!

I wonder how distant and strange concepts like justice seem to an abused child whose sufferings are constantly ignored by the ever chattering middle classes of the media in favour of the rights and wrongs of a man called Kennedy who likes a drink?

How is it in the public interest to hound the only leader to oppose the Illegal War, and with it Blair's authority out of office, when at a time when a six year old is snatched and raped from her own bathroom, and within days a three year old too, Blair decides parents who don't pay maintenance should be tagged, banned, and curfewed, by yet more of his pet pervs!

Did the ITV investigations that sparked it all involve constant gossip mongering about the fact that any claims of he 'likes a drink' should mean he's an alcoholic, in the same way that when ITV types claim John Leslie 'likes it rough' what they actually mean is he's a prolific serial rapist?

If Kennedy has the courage to accept a vote of confidence in his judgement and leadership as a result of ITV investigations into his alcoholic tendencies, then surely Blair should follow by accepting a vote of confidence in his as a result of my investigations into his paedophilic ones!

Over half Kennedy's MP's are refusing to serve under him, and strangely they seem far less willing to publicly condemn Blair's far greater sins. They'd be far better served putting their media time to good use, and channeling their energies into highlighting Blair's many and varied weaknesses, whilst keeping a little in reserve for Cameron who's yet to demonstrate similar honesty in his experience of class A drugs.

Apparently it took 17 complaints for 50 Cent's gun before people started popping up on TV saying "Something must be done. It's just sooo wrong!"

I wonder how many of them would consider 50 Cent's gun a wise choice if he was standing before a demonic congregation of Blair, Hodge, Mandelson, and Kelly surrounded by Glitter, Townshend, and Leslie, reaching their arms out as they plead for him to hand the child over to their safety and care...

And if not what would they prefer?

I know the BBC have received at least one complaint for Langham's kiddy porn, so that's only 16 more to go. If you feel like sparing a few clicks of your precious internet time expressing your disgust too then don't forget to leave the last two paragraphs out of yours if you live outside the UK...

The Thick Of It
from 2 jan 2006
weekly monday nights
on bbc2
at 10pm

At a time when tiny tots are being snatched from their own homes, in the ever terrifying attacks of Britain's paedophile menace, the BBC are busy promoting the career of yet another wealthy, middle class, celebrity internet paedophile.

How many more weak and defenceless children must be violated in the most horrendous ways imagineable, by rich and powerful padeos, protected by even richer and mightier friends before something is done?

How dare the BBC expect me to not only tolerate yet another Townshend type sex offender on my TV, but also to pay for it too...

I want my license fee back right now!


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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