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Ten Years On...

The Paedos Still Reign!

Ten years ago today, the idyllic peace and tranquility of a small scottish village was shattered forever, as the crazed paedophile mass murderer Thomas Hamilton calmly walked into Dunblane Junior School, and massacred sixteen innocents!

Ten years on, and the paedo lover blair goes from strength to strength, as he pisses all over the graves of the Dunblane innocents, by surrounding himself with paedo vermin like Ruth Kelly, Kim Howells, and Margaret Hodge, to name but a few.

In return for his continued support, Blair receives their complete and total subservience in all policy matters, which enables him to steamroller through any policy he so chooses, be it the illegal invasion of Iraq, the mass criminalisation of the entire population, or indeed anything else he so desires.

It's a bizarre relationship, and it's one that's mirrored like for like with the Anglo-American 'special relationship', as Bush offers Blair the same forgiveness he offers his pet pedos, in return for the same unquestioning support for his foreign policies.

It works well for those at the top, be it Bush or Blair, as the total compliance they receive from the pedos concerned gives them unimaginable power, but for those at the bottom, the innocent victims of the state run pedo sex rings, it's not so good...

The Dunblane Innocents

Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale
Emma Elizabeth Crozier
Melissa Helen Currie
Charlotte Louise Dunn
Kevin Allan Hasell
Ross William Irvine
David Charles Kerr
Mhairi Isabel MacBeath
Brett McKinnon
Abigail Joanne McLennan
Emily Morton
Sophie Jane Lockwood North
John Petrie
Joanna Caroline Ross
Hannah Louise Scott
Megan Turner

Gwen Mayor

Since Dunblane, fourteen of the children connected with the North Wales state run peado sex rings have since killed themselves, or died in mysterious circumstances...

Almost as many as died at Dunblane!

Many tens of thousands more will be suffering in silence as you read this.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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