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The Brazilian Connection

Mandy's Brazilian Bum Boys!

From: René
Subject: Congratulations

I don't think you'll get many congratulatory messages froma kraut who lives in Brazil. "Stumbled" across your site - don't know how I got there! - and on a hot Saturday night enjoyed Mandelson, Jack Straw, etc. Don't ask me how Kraut liing in Brazil knows about these Brit titbits.

Keep it going!

Um abraço from an extremely hot Brazil.

Hi there (again)

forgot to mention that a few days ago (according to the main Brazilian newspapaer - O GLOBO ) teams of both the Sun and the Mirror camped outside his Brazilian live-in's parent's house in Nova Iguaçu (the real stick as far as Rio is concerned, about 30 miles out and with a "VISA REQUIREMENT" for all visitors!)promising not to leave until they have a (parent's) statement!
a) what kind of statement do/did they want? The poor people probably haven't hear of Rio de Janeiro. even less of a british passport scandal!
b)What kind of work permit/visa does his Brazilian live-in have? Nobody in Nova Iguaçu has the funds which certain Indians have, but, on the other hand, they may have other attributes which compensate. Without prejudice: the great majority (male&female) from Nova Iguaçu serving in the more noble areas of Rio are of the "pay for" kind!

Probably will have some UZI swinging inhabitant of Nova Iguaçu at my doorsteps tomorrow.

Greetings to me saddle sore Waterlooville postman!

Dear Sean,

Have to send you a correction ( a slight one only): was talking about Nova Iguaçu as the home of Peter's Brazilian "live-in". It's not Nova Iguaçu but Belford Roxo (they are neighbouring towns of the Greater Rio de Janeiro Area. Also have to do justice to the "Sun" !

Below the original text which appeared in "O GLOBO" on 30th January 2001:


Equipes dos tablóides ingleses "Daily Mirror" e "Sunday Mirror" desembarcam hoje no Rio.

Vêm acampar em Belfort Roxo, na Baixada Fluminense.

Só sairão de lá quando conseguirem entrevistar a mãe de Reynaldo Ávila da Silva, com quem o ex-ministro Peter Mendelson, homem forte do governo Blair, divide o teto e a cama em Londres.


Investigating reporter teams of the "Daily Mirror" and "Sunday Mirror" arrive today in Rio de Janeiro.

They will "set up tents" in Belford Roxo in the suburbs of Greater Rio.

They will only leave if they succeed in getting a statement from the mother of Reynaldo Ávila da Silva with whom the ex-minister Peter Mandelson, "strong man" of the Blair government, shares his roof and bed in London.


On the same subject appeared the following in the same newspaper the following day (31/01/01)


Bate, coração

John Reid, que Tony Blair escolheu para suceder o polêmico ministro Peter Mandelson, também tem fortes laços afetivos com o Brasil.

Sua namorada é a escritora brasileira Carine Adler, roteirista do premiado filme "Under the skin" (1996).

Os dois estão juntos há três anos.


Hearts beat strogly !

John Reid, chosen by Tony Blair to succeed the polemic minister Peter Mandelson, also has strong affectionate ties with Brazil.

His girlfriend is the Brazilian writer Carine Adler, playwright of the award winning film "Under the Skin" (1996).

The two are already together for 2 years


Leave it to you to comment and draw conclusions, but Peter was here 2 years ago caught "in flagrante" in Copacabana with Reynaldo Ávila da Silva and the "rent boys". At least John Reid seems to be a bit more heterosexual, but look at the film title and the lovely Brazilian name of his girlfriend!!

From your "exclusive" (?) Brazil correspondent.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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