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They Think It's All Over
Bible Basher!
Nick Hancock: Pesky Christian

I'm writing this on Friday night, as I'm too broke to go out anywhere, and I've just seen "They Think It's All Over". It's inspired me to write a little rant, which will save me writing anything tommorow, seeing as it's 11:45pm.

So here it is, my anti "They Think It's All Over" rant.

The programme itself, is a sports quiz, hence the title (the now infamous commentary as England won the world cup back in 1966).

However the BBC sunk to new levels of corruption in the shape of Kirsty.

Kirsty was one of the contestants for this pathetic programme, and her claim to fame (and reason for appearing), isn't that she's a sports star, nor that she's any kind of star or celebrity in any way shape or form. It's that her dad is a famous sports star.

They had to go out of their way to explain this at the beginning of the show, as nobody watching could possible have known who the fuck she was.

I think tonights edition of the programme typified the state of the British media as a whole. Corrupt, stinking, and rotten to the core.

How the fuck can anyone possibly justify shit like that?

"And tonight on the show, we've got a bird called Kirsty, who none of you would have heard of, but her dad is a famous sports star, and seeing as this is a sports quiz, that's sort of a connection, and she moves in our circles anyway, so seeing as she's starting to get a bit bored sitting in her penthouse, and swanning around expensive stores spending thousands, we've got her on here tonight, diddling someone else out of a place, and a hefty appearance fee, in the process."

The other guest was a black geezer called Junior, who might as well of had a huge flashing sign hanging above him saying WE'RE NOT RACIST.

I should imagine he was wheeled out of the BBC Token Negro department, and dusted off especially for the show.

The other two regular twats of the show are Jonathon Ross (pronounced 'Woss' owing to his ridiculous speech impediment), and the presenter Nick Hancock, a fucking Christian!

Wed Wed Woses!
Jonathan Ross: Tacky dress sense.

'Wossie' was his usual twat self, falling over himself to be funny and entertaining, and trying to palm off his carefully scripted witticisms as off the cuff banter.

His dress sense was up to his usual low standards. Tonight a pin stripe suit, with pin stripe shirt, and pin stripe tie!

Almost as bad as last weeks, PVC leopard print suit!

What a wanker.

And to think he can't even say his r's properly.

People like me (working class people with working class accents), are openly accused by those scumbags in the media, as "not being able to speak properly" owing to the fact that we drop our h's and t's. But that's just accent. Just as the Scots and Welsh have accents, so do the working classes. People like Jonathan Woss genuinely can't speak properly, and yet somehow that's okay.

I remember when I was a kid, I was watching Frank Muir (another cunt that can't talk properly) on TV, and I turned to my gran, and asked her why he talked funny (he insisted on pronouncing his r's as w's, just like wossie), and she answered me with the plain no nonsense honesty that makes us working classes what we are. "He's putting it on" she said.

And she was right.

People who pronounce their r's as w's and/or fuck up on s's and th's, just need a good crack round the skull to make them snap out of it.

Aversion therapy, that's what it's called.

If Jonathan Woss was punched full on, in the face, whenever he said w instead of r, he'd soon snap out of it and start talking properly, don't worry about that.

But instead we encourage these fucking freaks to go on corrupting the spoken word with their fuckwitted speach impediments by giving them grossly overpaid jobs, and even going so far as to allow them to wear ridiculous clothes on TV.

And to top it all off, he doesn't even pay for his stupid fucking clothes. The taxpayer does!

All of those cunts on TV claim back their clothing expenses from the taxman. They say, "Oh I only bought that to wear on TV, and seeing as I was being paid to appear, that means it's work related clothing, therefore it's tax deductable." And it's not any of that off the peg crap the rest of us commoners wear. Oh no. The kind of crap Jonathan Woss wears can't possible be off the peg, as no other cunt (aside from Elton John) would be stupid enough to wear it. They're all custom made at £2,000 ($3,000) a shot.

And as for that Tony fucking Hancock. What the fuck is a pesky christian doing on TV. I thought they'd all been thrown to the lions.

He's only there to try and make out like christians have a sense of humour (which of course they don't). He's like one of those 'trendy vicars' who run youth clubs purely so they can capture all the kids that hang out on street corners, and then start pumping their heads full of all that religious shit.

That's why he goes on about football all the time. He's trying to get in with the lads, and convert them to christianity. "Hey everyone, we're all having fun on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon, let's all meet up again on Sunday, and have some more fun... At church. Jesus is cool. Come to church everyone. It's really cool, just like football. Let's all go to church and pray to Jesus."

They think it's all over?

I wish it fucking was.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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