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Weeding Out War Criminals
Tony Blair: Jail Him Or Shoot Him?
Tony Blair: Jail Him Or Shoot Him?

One more damage limitation exercise coming up!

I don't understand the seasoned hacks of the British media feigning shock and surprise at Browns attempts to gloss over the facts of the governments crimes against peace, and all the war crimes committed therin...

What where they expecting?

A complete and total admission of the truth!

"Saddam was sitting on top of the second largest oil reserves in the world at a time of spiralling prices, already on his knees from ten years of backbreaking UN sanctions, the yanks decided to jump in and take the lot as it would be cheaper and easier than invading Saudi Arabia.

Well over 90% of the British population thought it was wrong, not to mention illegal, so we told them we were liberating Iraq's human rights abuse victims instead, which shut some of them up, but the smarter ones wanted to know why we weren't liberating our friends in Indonesia and China first because they're governments were far worse.

That's when we decided to tell them Saddam wanted to kill us all and he was only 45 minutes away from wiping us off the face of the planet. They knew we were lying, as Mister Kim proves, if we thought for a second Saddam had any real WMD's we wouldn't have touched him with a barge pole, but it all turned out okay.

Sure, a few hundred thousand innocents died, and even as we speak small boys are being raped in the ass for throwing stones at tanks, but I've killed more than that with a single NHS cutback, and kids get raped all the time.

Look on the plus side...

G Dubya's paymasters got all the multi-billion dollar contracts, the gas guzzling SUV drivers of middle america got cheap oil, and I got a badge!"

I'm not in the slightest bit interested in the pre-determined findings of yet another whitewash.

There's a famous psychological experiment called the Milgram experiment which measures just how far an individual is prepared to go when told to do things by an authority figure. Some people are prepared to go all the way, giving innocent people electric shocks just because their boss is telling them to.

With George Bush, Tony Blair went even further, leaving the room to justify it all to the entire nation with lie, after lie, after lie. Then returning to the room and murdering over 100,000 innocent human beings.

We cannot progress as a society until all the MP's who voted for the illegal Iraq war have either been locked up, or executed, whichever is the sooner.

Until then what moral authority does a policeman have for arresting a kid for stealing a mars bar, all the while international war criminals roam free after butchering over 100,000 innocent unarmed civilians, purely because they had something they wanted, and refused to pay for?

And what country are we living in when those exact same war criminals not only roam free, but also create the laws which those policemen enforce upon the rest of us?

26/Jun/2009 00:01

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