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You Are Better Than Your Government

There's less than a week left till the next election, and with it a once in five year opportunity to send Tony Blair the message that he had so much trouble hearing in the biggest ever public demonstrations in the entire history of the UK. So I suppose I'd better do an update encouraging everyone who said no to Blair's illegal war to get out and say no again by voting LibDem on May 5th.

Another British soldier was killed today as top us generals admit there's 'no let up' with 'insurgant' attacks in a war we 'won' ages ago. The war's not over. It never will be. That's the whole point of the perpetual 'war on terror'. When you run out of enemies, create some more by invading a country that's absolutely no threat to you, is far less abusive to its own people than a lot of the friends lining up behind you to plunder it's people and resources, and when they respond by defending themselves, call them 'terrorist' and say 'see, I told you they were evil'.

And lets not forget that, as with the Israelis in occupied Palestine, we have to kill over 100 of theirs before they get round to killing one of ours, although those deaths are never the lead story on the news.

I saw Jeremy Paxman screaming blue murder at Charles Kennedy on TV for letting prisoners vote, without mentioning that the biggest criminal of all is the international war criminal Blair, whose actions in Iraq alone have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

I also saw a soldier receive the Victoria Cross award for his actions in Iraq. Bearing in mind how unusual it is for living servicemen to pick one up, and coming no less than a week before the election, nobody can tell me that award wasn't politically motivated.

But it's not just the illegal Iraq war we have to bear in mind when voting this Thursday. It's state run paedo sex rings too!

The Libdems are the only party not to be stained by state run paedo sex rings, as both the Tories and Labour have had ample opportunity to wipe it out once and for all, but have refused point blank to do so. Amazingly, 60% of all the paedos who were busted in Operation Ore/Landslide buying child porn online in the UK will never get to court. That's after they've been trapped and had their cc details/ip numbers processed, so they're all guilty as hell when their details are handed over to the police.

It's not just shocking, it's downright disgusting!

The Libdems are also the only party to oppose id cards too.

With big five thousand pound fines for people who fail to keep their registration card info up to date by immediately reporting any change of address to the government, it ultimately amounts to nothing more than the mass criminalisation of the entire population, as previously only registered sex offenders had to inform the authorities of any change of address!

How can any sane person not only accept such measures, but also publicly approve and welcome them with open arms?

It's not possible, and yet news reports seemingly have no problem finding intellectually challenged members of the public to claim it's a good idea on camera, as they swallow the propaganda it comes packaged in just as they did with CCTV.

"It's for your own protection", "It's to make sure you're not raped, robbed, or murdered", and within no time, as soon as it's all up, "Oh, and seeing as it's all in place anyway, we'll be using it to track down people who drop litter, and let their dogs foul the pavement, as they can be followed home on camera, and recieve an instant on the spot fine in tomorrows post".

That was the lesson of CCTV. It's patently obvious the lesson of Blairs national id cards will ultimately prove to be the same...

We've already got multiple forms of national ID systems, with National Insurance numbers, National Health numbers, Electoral rolls, and plenty more besides, all working seemlessly and for free in the background. Blair's already got all the tools, resources, and money needed for the job and he still can't do it. What makes you think he'll be any more capable of doing if you give him more. He shouldn't be asking for yet more of your money, and yet more of your freedoms, he should apaologise for his failings and resign.

Meanwhile, in my life...

I'm stark bollock broke, there's no lights on the top two floors of the doss house I live in (one of which is mine) as the roof was leaking and the rain short circuted the electric. My sinks blocked, and when I used a plunger to unblock it loads of rubbish poured out of the overflow. I pulled what looked like cigarette butts out, and a shiver went down my spine, as I found myself holding a dirty syringe needle.

The smackhead's since left the building, but my house still doesn't feel like a home.

I get to vote in the elctions this time. I didn't with the Southsea elections, although the fifteen non existant people who are registered at my address did.

On local issues, I'd like to have the Strand roundabout paved over linking the shops and houses, free public transport and utilites (incuding telephone and broadband). Prosecutions for everyone involved in the ongoing attempted murder of baby Charlotte, and for the murder of baby Luke, and anyone who's ever been denied life saving health care under both the Labour and the Tory governments from Thatcher to date. Prosecutions for War Crimes, and Crimes Against Peace for every politician who voted yes to the illegal Iraq war, even when over 90% of the population said no. And the abolition of all forced labour programmes in the UK.

And that's just for starters!

I haven't seen any of the three contenders offering such a package, so it comes down to the illegal Rraq war, and state run paedo sex rings, and national ID cards, all of which mean only the LibDems remain...

If you have a "better out than in" attitude to predatory paedophiles, and you want to show Mr Blair that "no means no", and not "I'll ignore you all and do it anyway, then expect you to foot the bill when im done" then you have to vote Libdem to knock the other two out on May 5th.


© Sean Copland 1995-2014
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