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The evolution of life forms, in any of their incarnations, can be mapped out, on a chart of evolutionary development. Ranging from non life forms (chemicals etc.) to total evolutionary development. Encompassing everything from lower life forms (vegetation etc.) through to higher life forms (animals), from the onset of consciousness (lowest level of higher life), through to conscience (highest level of higher life):-

All life forms have followed this pattern of development through their evolutionary life span. All reaching their peak at given points within the pattern, dependant upon physical limitations.

Focusing our attentions on mankind the species, we can trace his evolutionary development (as in all species) through from individual chemical elements (the starting point for all life and non life forms) right through to modern day.

Way back in the mists of time, all life forms, irrespective of their current physical incarnations started off as matter, mere chemicals. As and when such opportunities presented themselves, these blobs of chemicals evolved, as they merged with other chemicals, and found certain forces being exerted upon them, heat etc. which led to those chemicals growing into germs and bacteria, as they climbed on up through the ranks of the lower life form, from single cell life forms, onwards and upwards constantly evolving, up to a point whereby a brain was blessed upon that species, albeit a primitive one, and with that brain, consciousness, as that species found itself stepping into the hallowed grounds of the higher life form.

Taking a closer look at the evolutionary development of the higher life form, and in particular the brain that such a life form possesses, we see the mind of the individual concerned developing an understanding of the world around it, as and when physical circumstances permit.

As the mind develops, it becomes aware that it is contained within an organic machine (a body), and as such quickly masters control of that body, allowing it to transport itself, and interact with the environment that it finds itself in, this being the point at which the mind commences gaining consciousness of the external environment that it currently resides in (the world as we know it), allowing it to continue its journey through the evolutionary ranks.

As a species mankind has leapfrogged up the evolutionary scale ahead of all other life forms due to a few key physical features. Being a mammal is perhaps the first and most obvious characteristic, alongside the majority of successful higher life forms. Possessing an internal form of heating allows for greater tolerance of climatic changes, and as such a greater chance of survival in the evolutionary race. Hands are probably the next big step in mankinds development, and with them, fingers and thumbs, the acquisition of which led to greater interaction with mankinds immediate environment and greater manipulation of all the objects therein, leading to the primitive construction of tools etc.

Up until this point, mankind has been followed on his evolutionary journey by many fellow higher life forms, mammals, primates etc. and yet mankind the species, has left them all standing, in his crowning as the most highly evolved species of life upon the planet Earth. this honourable feat has been achieved by mankinds use and understanding of language. the increased levels of communication experienced by man, has enabled him, greater co-operation, and subsequently greater levels of efficiency, as the species as a whole becomes more tightly fused together, operating more and more as a singular, leading to greater levels of achievement and development.

The evolutionary development of mankind the species, is mirrored like for like within mankind the individual. Looking at any individuals personal evolutionary history, we see the basic climbing through the evolutionary ranks as performed by the species as a whole.

Starting off at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, any individual started off life as a non life form, existing merely as the basic chemical elements of life itself. Further on through that individuals life, we see them climbing on up through the ranks, and entering the domain of the lower life form, as they sit within their mothers womb developing on up through the evolutionary ladder as a single cell life form. Onwards and upwards, we see the formation of a basic body, a brain, and with that, a mind. With the firing up of that mind, we see that individual bursting on into the distinctive realm of the higher life form, with the onset of consciousness, albeit in the rudimentary aspects of deep coma. From then on in, it is merely a matter of time, before the organ within which that person resides becomes big enough and tough enough to take on the rigours of the outside world, allowing for the birth of that particular higher life form, man.

The same pattern is echoed in reverse, within the example of death. The dying individual will, rapidly devolve down the evolutionary scale from external consciousness, down into internal consciousness, and with even the internal levels of consciousness, disappearing fast, they would then lose all level of consciousness full stop, and slip back down into the realms of the lower life form, existing in nothing more than an organic state. Rapidly falling down the evolutionary ladder further still, that person, or rather the shell of that person, will devolve down into the ranks of the non life form, as it decays, and breaks down into its chemical components, ultimately dissolving into the earth from where it was formed. There, they find themselves, or at least the matter from which they were formed, sucked back into the bottom end of the food chain, where they will begin the same old journey again, as they transform themselves and subsequently evolve, in a physical sense, into another life form.

The fluctuation up and down the evolutionary scale is also experienced by any individual in a more minor way, on a day to day basis, as they jump up and down the levels of consciousness, hopping between internal and external, in the common sleep wake cycle.


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