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Looking at the national power structure as a whole, we see exactly the same principles being exercised on a much larger scale, with first and second class citizenship, being experienced by those existing above and below the point of balance, respectively. First and second class health care, first and second class protection under the law, first and second class employment, first and second class citizenship full stop, as those below the point of balance experience oppression on whatever grounds the image being held up by the controller is.

In the example of the image that the oppressor lays down, we see that whilst by and large, those above the point of balance have conformed to it, those below it, by and large, have not and, as in all such instances, there is no real point in them doing so, as if and when they do, the controller of the structure will merely move the goal posts, and find some other criteria for the justification of their acts of domination.

We more often than not, hear the much touted claim of "If we work hard, we shall be rewarded", and yet as outlined above this simply is not the case. In the first instance, the statement itself suggests that those currently experiencing oppression within the structure, are doing so because they are not working hard enough, i.e. it is their own fault. The shifting of blame for any individuals oppression within any relationship, upon the person experiencing that oppression, is a common characteristic, utilised by the oppressor. In the example of a man raping a woman, the same pattern emerges with claims of she was raped because she was dressed/walking/acting that way, allowing the rapist to shift all blame for his subsequent actions onto his victim, when in actual fact, the fact that she was raped had nothing to do with her, aside form maybe being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was him. He was the one doing the raping, and 'he' did so not because 'she' was anything, but for the fact that 'he' was a rapist.

We can simulate the effects of those below the point of balance conforming to whatever the image the oppressor lays down, by looking at the standard theoretical model economy thus:-

Assuming that the criteria for the national structure is indeed, as suggested, based upon the principles of hard work, with those who work hardest climbing to the greatest heights, which of course it isn't, we can see what actually happens when those below the point of balance swallow such a line, and set out en mass, to work hard and subsequently, experience reward:-

Now that those below the point of balance, are starting to conform to any image laid down by the oppressor, we see that the subsequent alleviation of oppression within the structure, has resulted in a corresponding alleviation of power, and a subsequent shifting of the point of balance. Clearly this would not be to the oppressors liking, on the grounds that the reason they were experiencing such an amount of power in the first place was because that's the way they liked it and, as a direct result, they will then set out to find some other form of image as a justification for their acts of domination whereby they will claim their original levels of power, followed by their cohorts, no doubt claiming that "Yes, you must work hard to be rewarded, but you must also...", resulting in the structure returning to its original form. A principle that is more commonly referred to in economic circles as inflation, clearly resulting in the fact that whilst in conforming to the image and working hard, those people will find money in their pockets, in real terms they will be little or no better off, as whilst their own personal incomings may have increased considerably, so will their personal outgoings, as illustrated:-

The exact same inflationary practises, are witnessed in all such examples of power structures from personal relationships, cults, business, etc. For example, the abused wife who conforms to the image laid down by her abusive husband and makes sure his dinner is ready when he gets in for fear of being punished, will only find herself having to conform to yet more images in the long run, as the husband lays down more rules and regulations which must be conformed to.

It is within the boundaries of education, that we often hear claims along the lines of "If we study hard, we will get a good job". And yet, once again, this is not the case. The basic principles underlying the concepts of education, are also subject to the same rules, owing to its common theme of interactions between higher life forms. Such systems, are nothing more than a grading system, for the structures engulfing business, and the national economy as a whole.

In the example of general education ('O' levels etc.), the education itself is not what the individual seeks when entering the educational establishment, more the examination. Just as those who take driving lessons, don't necessarily want to become a better driver, the licence is what they are after, and if they have to practise three point turns, and memorise the highway code, then so be it.

This is seen most evidently in the example of mathematics for instance. In order to acquire the required examination result, the pupil must study all manner of mathematical principles, principles which, in themselves are of little or no real use outside of that educational establishment. Sines, cosines, and tangents for example, whilst providing a firm grounding in the principles underlying certain areas of mathematics, and being a core part of the mathematical educational requirement, the pupil will find little or no real use for such principles in the real world. But this isn't really important, as outlined above the main, if not the only, reason for anyone entering into such an establishment, isn't the education. People studying mathematics for example more often than not, have absolutely no interest in mathematics whatsoever. It is the qualification they are after, for with that comes the opening of certain doors within the employment market, doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Taking a look back at the educational establishment as a whole, we find, the educational processing system really beginning to turn its wheels, at the end of the pupils middle school years, whereby the system begins the grading process of pupils ready for their placings within certain selective bands of the secondary school establishment. Once this process has begun, the pupils in question would have effectively been graded within their respective bandings and, upon entering the secondary phase of their education, will find themselves studying certain subjects, within a certain range. The bands forming themselves into forms of upper, middle, and lower groups, will in turn state to which particular level that particular pupil will be educated to, and so which examination they will finally sit, (hopefully) pass, and finally which jobs they will then become eligible to apply for and in turn receive, the wage packets of which will eventually state at which place within the national economy, they will sit.

And with the educational system being nothing more than a preparation system for the national structure of the economy, it is therefore subject to the same terms and conditions, leading to various oddities as witnessed in modern day society, such as those who have studied hard, and passed their examinations finding themselves joining the unemployment queues.

Assuming everyone within society studies hard at school, college, university, with all concerned passing their final examinations with flying colours, once again, as is customary under such circumstances, the controller will find themselves shifting the goal posts, in order to regain the amount of power that was being extracted from the structure as before, and thereby find some other reason to oppress others, as these hard working star pupils will no doubt find, when they enter the employment marketplace, with their fistfuls of exceptional examination results. With those offering the work within the jobs market rapidly finding that their entry requirements, and subsequent images that they uphold as being ideal employment characteristics, being conformed to by everyone, they will then no doubt discover that under such circumstances, such claims of "The ideal candidate should be well educated" will include everyone, and therefore be as valid an image to employ somebody under as "The ideal candidate should be alive". They will therefore move the goal posts with regards the image they hold up, and either adapt it accordingly, i.e. "The ideal candidate should be well educated, and possess relevant experience", or changing it completely, i.e. "The ideal candidate should have large well rounded buttocks, and a cheeky smile". With the same principles involved yet again, whereby when the masses start conforming to the new image en mass, the goal posts will be shifted once again, and again, and again, and so on and so forth.

It is just such principles and practises, which are responsible for various government training schemes. Looking at the courses that they set up to help combat unemployment, we see that the kind of qualifications that anyone can receive from partaking in any such course, is in no way comparable, and therefore no threat to the regular educational qualifications that prospective employers know and love. Which, from the governments point of view is a pretty good job, owing to the fact that if and when just such uneducated people arm themselves with a nationally recognised education, and subsequent qualification, the aforementioned inflationary principles come into play, invalidating all the hard work, not only undertaken by those uneducated people, but by all those that hold such a qualification.


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