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With the national power structure now engulfing everyone within that nation, certain problems arise. For example, with nobody else left to suck into the structure, any upwards mobility within that structure for anyone below the point of balance is, allowing for minor indiscretions, nil. As and when those below the point of balance commence conforming to whatever image laid down By the oppressor, the oppressor will actively alter the image, thereby ensuring that whomever sits at the bottom of the economy stays there.

For instance, in the example of the image being hard work, we see the perfect example of the eighties economic boom. everyone assumed that the world was their oyster, and that if they worked hard they would be guaranteed a ticket onto a better way of life, this everyone promptly set about doing, putting in all the hours God sends, taking more than one job even. This resulted in the masses having money in their pockets, money which would then allow them a better standard of living. That being the case, inflation kicks in, and those above the point of balance quickly find that the amount of riches they were experiencing before is quickly being gnawed away, by those climbing up from beneath, leading to the eighties boom.

Clearly the government were having none of this, therefore they promptly nipped it in the bud, with the implementation of right wing economic policies, with a strong bias towards flat rate taxation, thereby ensuring that proportionally speaking poor peoples outgoings were far higher in relation to their incomings than their rich counterparts, this led to those same people having less money in their pockets at the end of the day, as they found themselves being kicked back down the economic ladder, thereby resulting in them being little or no better off in the long run than before. That in turn resulted in less goods and services being bought by those individuals, leading to recession, and ultimately the bust of the nineties.

With those below the point of balance experiencing oppression no matter what, they therefore have little or no real chance of experiencing any real levels of reward, which is something they will automatically seek, as do all higher life forms. Therefore if that reward is not forthcoming from the oppressor, then with the option of simply walking away removed (you can't realistically leave the economy) the oppressed will seek it elsewhere.

Assuming the amount of reward sought by any individual is labelled 100%, and that an individual will experience reward of 20% within any structure, then there is an 80% deficit, which will be sought, and hopefully found, elsewhere. And with such large structures as national economies, offering little or no reward for those they oppress (poor people), then it stands to reason that these exact same individuals will seek other means with which to make up this deficit. Man cannot live on bread alone.

In practise, this leads to examples of activities such as addiction, prostitution, general crime etc. being indulged in by those living in poverty, resulting in the common sight of crack cities, high crime and such like popping up hand in hand wherever any densely concentrated areas of poverty exists.

In the example of addiction, we see the common example of illicit drugs being abused by those living in ghettos etc. Though the drugs themselves aren't addictive, nothing is. Addiction is a pattern of behaviour, not a substance.

As mentioned before, people seek out reward, it is in their nature to do so, and when a deficit in the reward sought, and reward received occurs, then more reward must be sought. The same pattern of addiction can be seen if a man is locked up in a room, void of all forms of stimulation, food, drink, television etc. as and when any form of stimulation and subsequent reward is presented to him, then this will have to make up his deficit, whatever that may be. For example, if the only reward permitted to that man is a bunch of bananas, then that man will abuse that reward, as that becomes his primary source of stimulation, he will to all intents and purposes become a banana addict, though the bananas themselves aren't in the slightest bit addictive. In doing so, he will exhibit the general symptoms of addiction, i.e. when those bananas are removed, he experiences no real form of reward and hankers after them in a manner which is disproportionate to the experience. If on the other hand, that same man is placed in a room where the amount and variety of reward to be experienced, i.e. fruit basket full of fruit, television, radio, food, sweets, computer games etc. then his reliance on the bananas will be negligible as opposed to before, as he now has many activities to indulge in aside from eating bananas. As a result, we see those in poverty, by and large, being more prone to the abuse and consequent addiction of any form of reward placed before them, drinking smoking, betting, illicit drugs, sex, food, chocolate, ice cream, just about any form of stimulation available.

In the case of prostitution, and its associated activities, we see the same basic relationship to poverty. With the prostitute experiencing little or no reward in the economic structure of the nation and, no doubt, finding herself in a position whereby certain demands are being made upon her person for the payment of various bills, rent, food, etc. Payments which themselves are hard, if not impossible, to meet, especially so when combined with the legitimate taste for reward over and above the basic day to day living expenses, going out, buying clothes, a general increase in what would otherwise be a poor standard of living etc.

They then find themselves prey to various unsavoury individuals, who have the economic power to alleviate some of the oppression, and subsequent poverty, being experienced in return for various sexual favours, more often than not, of an unpleasant nature, with the obligatory "Sure I can alleviate some of that oppression, what are you going to do for me?".

Looking at the example of crime in general we see that, as before, the basic concepts of crime flourish hand in hand with poverty. Looking around the nations of the world, we see that the generally accepted occurrences of crime, especially so of the variety that people fear, exist hand in hand with poverty. And as in the case of all attempted forms of escapism, prostitution, addiction etc. are centred around the individuals desire to experience some form of genuine reward, whether that be in a manner deemed legitimate by the controller of the structure (legal), or in a manner deemed illegitimate (illegal).

A crime in any of its incarnations, is merely the refusal of any person to accept their placing within any given structure. In the case of a national economy, the crime itself isn't the primary concern of the controller of the structure (government), merely the point as outlined above, the refusal of ones place. With that in mind, we see that crime is pretty widespread, ranging from tax evasion, to mugging old ladies. And whilst most people would generally accept that the mugging of a pensioner is a pretty sordid state of affairs, as opposed to somebody fiddling their tax returns, the controller of the structure will experience equal difficulties from both parties. The fact is somebody's refused to accept their place within that structure, in just exactly what manner they did so is not of primary importance, the fact is, things aren't as the controller expected them to be, as such, something must be done about it. If people commence pottering around doing their own thing whatever that may be, taking absolutely no notice whatsoever of what the controller of the structure says, then the power that they may experience from that structure will dissolve.

This is highlighted in modern day society, with politicians (controllers), holding up images of sweet old ladies who've been mugged of their savings and, waving their swords of decency, declaring that they will not tolerate such depraved and immoral activities being perpetrated against such sweet old folk. They care deeply about the welfare of such sweet old ladies and it breaks their little hearts to see such suffering and pain. Then on the other hand, they declare that they will be cutting compensation payments to just such poor and innocent victims of crime, because they want to save money. They simply don't want to put their money where their mouth is, and put their hands in their pockets. The old lady herself being the same old lady who is herself blatantly a victim of that exact same politician, in the sense that he is oppressing her economically, as with many others, in order to maintain a vast numbering of people within the ranks of poverty with which to keep inflation down, and subsequently preserve the value of the pound in his pocket resulting in him, himself experiencing high levels of power within that economy. And this being the same sweet old lady who recently found herself being forced to say her final farewell, to her beloved husband of fifty or more years, as the manager of the local hospital refused the funding of life saving surgery on the grounds that cut backs had to be made in hospital running costs, because this exact same politician was simply unwilling to provide the necessary finances to provide a free and comprehensive health care package for all. And this husband being one of the many, who laid their lives on the line in no less than two world wars, in the mistaken belief that they would be keeping the forces of evil at bay, and keeping their country great and good.

Obviously the politician doesn't give a toss about the pensioner, as he doesn't about anybody. He'll say he will, with his false smiles, and his slimy handshakes, if only for the chance of winning a few votes. But at the end of the day the fact of the matter that will disturb him most is that somebody, namely a peasant, has, as in the case of the prostitute, found some way out of their poverty, at least for the time being and, consequently, this affects the structure as a whole. As in the case of the boom of the eighties, when those whose place within society is in poverty start climbing out, whether that be in a legitimate or illegitimate sense, the amount of oppression within that structure has eased, as is the amount of power and, as in all such instances, the reason so much power was being experienced by those that control that structure in the first place, was because that is how they like it.

Ultimately, a criminal is anybody who breaks the law, and the law is whatever the controller of the structure wants it to be. In the example of a man raping a woman, the law is for the woman to bend over and take it like the bitch she is. If she fails to obey the law then she will be punished until she does. With more and more oppression being forced upon her until such a time occurs, when she finally submits to the oppressor, and does what she is told, or until such a time occurs when she can experience no higher levels of oppression. Death. Whichever is the sooner.


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