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With the problems that invariably arise from within such a large structure as a national economy, the controller of such a structure will seek to enforce their will upon those within the structure by way of certain bodies of enforcement, to ensure that everything within the structure is as the oppressor wishes it to be.

In the instance of crime, as we have seen, the only reason the controller of any structure needs to resort to punishing any person for 'doing wrong', failing to conform, is when they have failed to reward them for 'doing right', conformed. Though as in all such instances, such actions aren't realistically possible on the grounds that as and when all individuals within the structure conform to whatever image the oppressor lays down, no oppression is forthcoming from such a structure, therefore leading to no power. And with no threats of oppression (poverty) being waved over people in order to force them to conform, there is no reason why they should.

This is seen within the economy, in instances such as the job interview. As and when such a time occurs when somebody finds themselves within such a relationship, they will find themselves having to conform to an image as set by the oppressor (interviewer), in order that they may experience reward within such a relationship. There invariably come claims from the interviewer along the lines of "We're looking for a certain kind of person", etc. It is a certain kind of image that they are looking for, and, as such, anyone wanting that job will have to conform to that image, and if they fail to do so, they will not get the job, and will therefore experience no reward within that relationship.

It is principles such as these which are responsible for the large number of people possessing 'hello may I help you' type telephone personalities, as anyone who has had any form of interaction with those who seem to be disturbingly reminiscent of an overanimated ventriloquists dummy will be aware. In the case of that particular business, that is the image which oppressor laid down, leading to those that wished to experience reward within that relationship finding themselves forced to adopt such traits, in order that they would get the job in the first place.

More disturbingly still, whilst such a strange and downright weird personality may seem odd in an example such as a bank worker dealing with a customer transaction, with their 'hello, I'm your friend' type smile, and their 'I really like you' manner, such actions are downright scary when the same worker dealing with the same customer, with regards the inability to keep up the mortgage payments, states "I'm sorry, we shall be repossessing your house shortly, please vacate the premises and live in the gutter forthwith. Thank you.", with the same 'hello I'm your friend' type smile, and the same 'I really like you' type manner.

Such principles are seen in the example of somebody turning up for a job interview stating facts along the lines of "It is a piss easy job, which a blindfolded monkey could do. I foresee no problems in performing such tasks". Such claims, whilst they maybe, and often are, true, are certainly not going to get the applicant the job. A direct result of which means that as far as this particular relationship is concerned, they will experience no reward, and if they continue to adopt such blatantly honest tactics, they probably never will.

Though, as mentioned previously, that isn't the be all and end all of it, there are only a certain number of vacancies above the point of balance, and therefore even when such a time occurs whereby that particular poor person does conform to the image, all the places will have been taken, leading to an adaptation of the image, or even an outright change, whereby such a person, despite conforming, will still find themselves existing within the oppressive boundaries of poverty anyway, as the oppressor wages war against inflation.

As seen before, as and when such a time occurs whereby such a person fails to receive any legitimate form of reward from any relationship, then they will set out and seek it elsewhere in a manner which, from the controllers point of view, is illegitimate, i.e. crime, with the same principles being used to combat it.

As in the instance of going up the economic ladder, whereby individuals were rewarded with a step up whenever they conformed, thereby experiencing a decrease in oppression, the principles are utilised by the controller of the structure in reverse, kicking people down the ladder, as and when they do not conform, thereby experiencing an increase in oppression.

In the instance of crime, those living in poverty must do so in order that the required amount of riches, and subsequent power, are forthcoming from that structure, in order that it may be dished out at the top, in whatever manner the controller of the structure sees fit. As and when such a time occurs whereby certain persons living under such economic conditions refuse to accept their placing within the structure, they will be punished until they do.

This is achieved in modern day society through incarceration, whereby those that refuse to accept whatever level of oppression was being forced upon them by the oppressor, are forced to experience higher levels of oppression until such a time, as they hopefully accept the lower levels of oppression, as a lesser of two evils. Much in the same manner as a parent who locks their child in a room for being naughty, naughty itself being nothing more than behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate by the parent. That child will learn that as and when any time occurs whereby they have been naughty, or at least caught for being naughty, they will be locked in a room until such a time as they promise not to do it again (or more commonly to serve a fixed tariff of time). We therefore see that poverty itself, is merely nothing more than an open prison, full of innocent people. Maybe not to the extremities of a fully blown prison, if only for the fact that the people within it are free to roam as they please, yet they can't actually do anything, owing to the fact that they have no money.

The reversed processes of punishing someone who has failed to conform, as opposed to rewarding them when they have conformed, are seen most vividly in the trial of any defendant. It is within such a trial, that the judge will invariably ask the defendant whether they plead guilty or not guilty. And seeing as punishment is the primary means of communication within such a relationship, the answer is more often than not, not guilty, if only for the fact that a rough translation of the statement equates to, "Do you wished to be punished, yes or no?".

Once again, an image is held up, in this instance by the judge, and in the example of the interview whereby reward would be found if the image was conformed to, in the example of the trial, punishment will be found if the image is not conformed to. This is seen most evidently, in the fact that someone who bleats to the judge that they are really sorry for what they have done, and regret the incident with the utmost sincerity, will be punished far less, if at all, in relation to the individual proudly stating "I enjoyed the experience greatly, so much so in fact, that I have every intention of repeating it at the first available opportunity", who coincidentally, would be punished far more than the first defendant, despite the fact that the only difference between the two, may well have been that the second told the truth.

Now that the oppressor has set the national structure, leaving little or no room, for those below the point of balance to experience any legitimate form of reward, owing to the anti inflationary measures that would be adopted as and when such people start climbing the economic ladder. And with the oppressor clamping down on all illicit forms of reward with the necessary increase in policing. As and when the levels of oppression become to great, the oppressed are invariably left with only one course of action to take. Just as in the case of the abused wife, who is refused any alleviation of oppression, and also refused the option of simply walking away from the relationship, on the grounds that the abusive husband will be left with no power, is subsequently left with only one course of action. They must kill their oppressor. Revolution.

Though such actions won't be looked upon favourably by the oppressor. And in both the above, such actions will invariably be met with stiff resistance, leading to excessively high levels of oppression by way of a stern beating being dished out by the oppressor upon his people. Much in the same manner as the rape victim who attempts to fight off the rapist will be beaten relentlessly until she submits to the will of the oppressor. Interestingly enough, we see in all the above examples, politicians, abusive husbands, rapists, as and when such a time occurs when those they control attempt to kill them, they won't stop and think "Hold on a minute, this isn't right, my people are trying to kill me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong". If the oppressed refuses to buckle down and accept their oppression, then they shall be beaten until they do, in whatever manner the oppressor sees fit, with the controller of the national structure turning guns on his own people if necessary, and blowing their heads clean from their shoulders.


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