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With the national power structure now fixed, and with everyone within that nation being under direct control of the oppressor, problems arise within the structure with regards the seeking of reward by those below the point of balance. Namely crime. And with the oppressor effectively forcing them to buckle down and accept their oppression, with greater force, as he attempts to beat the peasants into submission, comes higher levels of resentment from the huddled masses.

Having had the option of simply walking away from the economy removed, and no genuinely legitimate way of experiencing an alleviation of the current levels of poverty being experienced, owing to the anti inflationary tax measures that would undoubtedly ensue should such peasants set about clambering their way up the economic ladder, there are only two options open to the controller of the structure, in order that they may avoid being physically ousted from their position as ruler, by way of riots and, ultimately, revolution. Firstly he can set about contracting the structure by alleviating the gap between rich and poor (power and oppression), though in order to do this those above the point of balance will experience a rapid decrease in their current standard of living and namely, the amount of power that they experience, in its economic sense, as they effectively have to do nothing more than click their fingers in order that any assembled peasants come running, and sit like obedient puppies eager to please their masters, building them a house, rolling over and taking it up the backside for a few pounds etc. Secondly, the controller of the structure may do what he did in the first place in order to build the structure up in the first instance, thereby continuing to play the same old tried and tested way of combating resentment within those they abuse, and set his people out unto the world, in order to find more innocent individuals to take the places of the peasants within the structure, thereby shifting the point of balance allowing everyone within it a big step up the ladder, at the expense of the new recruits.

Obviously the first option will only be utilised as a last resort by the controller, as the reason why they exercise so much power over those they come into contact with, is because they enjoy doing so, just as the rapist enjoys raping his victim. If he was really bothered about the misery he inflicted upon his victim, then he simply wouldn't do it. The only time any abuser will slacken off the amount of power they exercise over someone will only be on an as and when basis, whenever the circumstances force it. For example, when the abused wife packs her bags and leaves, the abusive husband will come cap in hand, falling to his knees, swearing blind that he's changed and won't abuse her anymore, or at least not as much, as he pleads with her to come back. And again, the only reason they are doing so is the amount of power they were experiencing is now gone, and while they may well change for a while, in order that the dust may settle, it won't be long before they're up to the same old tricks, only this time flying under different colours.

Therefore in order to silence the grumblings of the abused masses, who by now are probably burning effigies of their leaders in the streets, more members must be found to partake within the structure, yet again, in order that the structure may swell its ranks, finding more people to abuse, therefore allowing a subsequent jump up the economic ladder for all concerned.

With the same actions being utilised in order to expand the structure as before, certain representatives of the controller are used to beat and to conquer the opponent, be they prey, a neighbouring tribe, or a neighbouring nation. Such a body of people, namely the armed forces, set out to dominate whatever grouping of people they are confronted with, thereby enforcing certain rules and regulations as set by the oppressor upon them, this, hopefully from the oppressors point of view, leads to the inclusion of new people to swell the numbers already existing within the conquering nations structure, allowing a shifting of the point of balance and, as mentioned before, a lessening, if not abolition, of oppression being experienced by those that had previously existed within the confines of poverty within the previous structure. Such actions have therefore always been looked upon favourably by any nations people throughout history, owing to the simple fact that now more people have been brought in to experience oppression, and consequent poverty, within such a structure, there is a subsequent lessening of the burden upon their shoulders, and a corresponding increase in the standard of living for all, except the new recruits.

Just as such activities have been responsible for the formation of nations throughout the world, leading to those nations respective kings and queens, then so the same examples have been, and still are, being indulged in by the nations of the world, as they jostle for position within the global power structure that is the global economy. With nations setting out and conquering nations, each seeking to acquire new recruits within their established structures, thereby leading to a lessening of oppression being experienced by the members of any such nation, and subsequent claps and cheers as they beat their fellow races into submission.

Such actions have been repeated throughout history, leading to the modern day global economy, within which we all now live. And with the most economically powerful nations within such an economy, laying claim to the global throne, the same activities must be indulged in by the controllers of such a structure to ensure that everything is as they wish it to be, and that everyone within that structure buckles down and accepts their place. In the instance of the national power structure, this is achieved via such bodies as the police. Though in the global structure such bodies come by way of the armed forces, upholding and enforcing the global structure.

This is seen in examples such as the Gulf war. With Iraqs invasion of Kuwait and subsequent claim of ownership, and therefore control, of everything within that nation, they were in a position to increase their share of the worlds oil, and henceforth wealth. This shifted them up the global power structure, or at least it would have done, if it had not been for the world knocking at their door, and demanding that they withdraw forthwith.

Such principles invariably result in the world turning a blind eye whenever such situations occur, whereby gross acts of indecency are perpetrated by certain nations leaders against their people. With such actions only affecting the internal structure of that nation, and therefore being of no real relevance within the global structure, aside from the moral aspect, the leaders of the rest of the worlds nations, what with them being so great and good, decide to turn a blind eye to any atrocities occurring within that nation, so long as they don't start poking around with the global structure, whereby everyones position would be altered, they can do practically anything they like.

In examples such as World War Two, we see the Germans trouncing all over Europe, showing every sign of taking the continent over, combining it into one single structure ruled over by the state of Germany. Such a single state would have been very powerful within the global structure, which therefore led to the rest of the world (with great reluctance, it must be said), jumping on Germanys back, and beating them back down. The fact that Hitler had a rampant dislike of Jews, was really neither here nor there, what was most important, at least from the point of view of the politicians of the world, was the huge and uncontrolled expansion of the German power structure, within its placing of the global power structure. Assuming Hitler had of conquered Europe, the governments of each country would have been relegated to the position of local councils, each taking their cues from the state of Germany, much the same as local government now takes its cues from Westminster. To the people within that structure, what matters most is not whereabouts on the planet their laws are set, but what those laws are. And in the instance of the United Kingdom, to the man in the street this would have meant nothing more than a change of face of their oppressor. Instead of Westminster stating what people could and couldn't do, and when they could do it, such actions would have been forthcoming from Germany.

Clearly the main, if not the only, reason for the rulers of the United Kingdom objecting to Germanys expansion into the continent of Europe, was the fact that ultimately just as they set about telling the people of the United Kingdom what they could and couldn't do, Germany would have been telling them what they could and couldn't do. The fact that he saw fit to kill somewhere in the region of six million Jews throughout the war, wasn't really of any interest to the politicians of the world, and in the global side of things, such actions are viewed as a pitiful drop in the ocean. Though this doesn't stop the victorious nations from holding up such statistics, with cries of "Ooh what a nasty man, it's a good job we won the war".

Looking around at the global structure the way it is today, we see the hollowness of such claims. Six million Jews killed throughout the entire second world war, falls into insignificance when placed against the many, many tens of millions of people that are killed each and every single year (some fifteen million of which are children), as a direct result of poverty. This being the exact same global structure that has been effectively conquered and ruled over by the G7 nations, of which the United Kingdom is one (along with Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States), who force such appalling levels of oppression (poverty) upon the global masses (denial of food, medicine, sanitation etc.), in order that they may extract such offensive levels of power (riches), for themselves and their cohorts to wallow in at their leisure.


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