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Now that we possess a greater understanding of the world we live in, and everything that entails, namely relationships, cult worship, religion, commerce, economics, and politics, and everything that they involve, domination, manipulation, guidance, sacrifice, development, consumerism, inflation, riches, poverty, crime, war, capitalism, socialism, communism, and such forth, we see that they are nothing more than different languages, each conforming to the same basic principles, with regards the evolutionary development of life forms, owing to the fact that they are nothing more than interactions between higher life forms. Interactions which, as in all instances, may ultimately be backtracked to the base act of murder, be that interaction the act of murder itself, or indeed a relationship of any shape, size, or form, however brief.

Looking back upon such principles, and their manifestations in the lives of every individual, and indeed every higher life form, upon the planet, we can now answer the question that has baffled so many for so long. What is the meaning of life?

The answer is simple, it is the question that is important, and it is a pretty big question. There is a reason why people ask it. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter what you do, or where you go, you will always end up asking such a question, as and when you come to the inevitable conclusion that whatever the meaning of life is, whatever it is that you are currently doing certainly isn't it. The question is most commonly followed, with similar questions along the lines of "There's got to be more to life than this?". And there is, a lot more, and in reading this book, you'll have probably already realised that.

In asking such a question you have more than likely come to the legitimate conclusion that you are being abused, be it economically, emotionally, spiritually, or quite literally. You are being controlled and subsequently dominated within an abusive relationship, which has inevitably led to the asking of the question "What is the meaning of life", and now that we understand the question, we see that the answer is a simple one. Simply by backtracking on all available relationships, in all their incarnations, we will inevitably root out a single common denominator, something that is missing in every single relationship, something which should be there but isn't. Leading us ultimately to the answer...

Freedom. It doesn't matter where you go, or what you do, you're not free. Nobody is. The fact of the matter is, you are living smack bang in the middle of an evil Nazi cult, ruled over by Satan, and everybody has been brainwashed.

That's not as sensationalist a claim, as it first may seem. All relationships by the vary fact that they are interactions between higher life forms, may be backtracked to the act of murder, and reveal the current level of development of the most dominant party with regards that relationship, and their position relative to the constants of base instinct (Satan), and conscience (God). And as we have seen, cults, business, economics, politics, they are merely different implementations of the same game, different languages. And with everyone experiencing their respective levels of reward and punishment with regards the development of their personality, from the controllers of such structures, in all their manifestations, we see that those levels are not true (at least not in a truly natural sense). And with the controlling individuals revealing that they are invariably hovering around the lower regions of external consciousness, we see that they are more 'in tune' with the voice of the inner beast, than of conscience.

When looking at any of the structures that are conjured up in modern day society, and the effects that they have upon those within them, we see disturbing levels of corruption occurring with regards the personalities of the individuals concerned, as the levels of reward and punishment experienced by people as a whole, are effectively tampered with by the controllers of the structures concerned, resulting in the people existing within the structure, to all intents and purposes, being brainwashed.

We see perfect examples in the various cases as illustrated before, i.e. "If we work hard, we shall be rewarded" which, as explained before, simply is not true. We see those above the point of balance crying "Why should we provide benefits, health care etc.", these people genuinely believe that they are doing poor people a favour, and as explained before, that simply is not true. We hear claims of "We must obey the law, for the law protects us", which again, is simply not true. The law is whatever the controller of the structure wants it to be, in the case of the rapist, the law is for the victim to take it like the bitch she is, and if the law, which after all is nothing more than the will of the oppressor, genuinely protects, then why does the oppressor himself, abuse the people within that structure. Where is the law when the controller decides that he requires higher levels of power, and therefore sets about creating higher levels of oppression, by way of decreasing minimum standards of living, and cutting health care for instance, refusing life saving surgery, the denial of an incubator to a premature baby etc. That is the law. It is the will of the oppressor. And once again, people believe it. The policemen and judges for one, just like they believed in rounding the Jews up for slaughter, and crucifying the son of God, they were upholding the law, and what's more they believed it.

The hospital managers who refuse to treat the premature baby, the elderly person, the smoker, in the name of cutbacks, they believe in what they do, if they didn't, then they simply wouldn't do it, nobody's got a gun at their heads, they're free to leave, and henceforth refuse to be party to such atrocities, any time they so please.

None of these people are going to stand for trial for what they do. Nobody's going to arrest them, and place them before any courts of decency charged with crimes against humanity.

Such principles, whilst being incredibly disturbing, are quite normal under the circumstances, especially so amongst the more inadequate members of society (who have a strange habit of climbing, or rather crawling, rapidly within such structures owing, primarily, to their bizarre gift of total lack of free thought). None of these people are experiencing any form of punishment for what they do, therefore, in their opinion, they can't be doing anything wrong. Furthermore, they experience reward for what they do, by way of a pay packet, promotion, badges etc., therefore, in their opinion, they must be doing something right. Leading to their own perceptions of reality becoming incredibly distorted.

Looking at the example of a child, that has been given free reign by its parent to go and beat a dog with a stick, free in the knowledge that if the dog dares bite him, it will be punished by the parent, such a child will be blissfully unaware of the fact that they are doing anything wrong. They are certainly not doing anything illegal within the context of that relationship. They beat the dog with their parents blessing, and if they get a pat on the back for doing so, then they'll be all the more convinced that they are doing something right. And, as and when such a time occurs when the dog decides it's had enough, and turns around and bites the child, the child, in his arrogance, will run bleating to his parent, demanding that the dog be punished for daring to stand up to him, and would shun completely the thought that maybe they got what they deserved, maybe, if you go around beating dogs on the head with sticks, they bite you, maybe it's normal.

Looking back at the case of the hospital manager, we see the same pattern emerging, when the hospital manager refuses treatment for a premature baby (or indeed anyone), on the grounds that the hospital simply don't want to spend any of their money on the child, though obviously such actions will come wrapped up in a package of complete bullshit. As and when a legitimately angry parent, grabs such a manager and beats and kicks the absolute shit out of such a baby killing pervert, the manager won't think he's done anything wrong. He'll go running to the police demanding this man be punished with complaints of "He's a nutter, he should be locked up". Though in reality, as in most such circumstances, it's not the victim who should be locked up, but the perpetrator, i.e. the hospital manager, his colleagues, and their perverted leaders, the politicians.

The police force is a fine example within any nation of how such principles corrupt the personalities of those involved. Looking at the example of rioting, as and when the police deal with such a situation, they will invariably use brute force in order to quell the disturbance, deeming them just as guilty as those they are fighting, only more so on the grounds that the police fight beat and abuse with immunity. The rioters are arrested, placed before a judge, and sentenced for their actions, the police on the other hand, despite being just as guilty of the exact same actions with regards violence, are most certainly not arrested, and not punished (note when such rioting occurs, and the police beat any individual, they're not doing so in order to restrain that particular individual, in the name of public safety, in order that they may arrest him, and drag him off to court, more a case of them simply beating anyone they come across, irrespective of whether or not such a person has genuinely committed any offence). Such actions are repeated in the fact that the policeman will receive a far lesser sentence, if at all, for beating a man in the street, in comparison to the man in the street for beating a policeman.

In the most extreme of instances, we see examples such as those in South American countries (Brazil etc.), whereby the police actively set out and shoot dead street children, as young as five in some instances. Whilst it may not be explicitly written in law, the fact of the matter remains, that these children are second class citizens and, as such, are subject to the hatred of the first class citizens. Therefore, as and when any such children are executed by the murderers within the police force, no eyebrows are raised and, by and large, such people will believe that the child deserved to die anyway. They refused to buckle down and accept their place, and when no legitimate form of reward was forthcoming from the structure they found themselves in, they set about attempting to experience illegitimate forms of reward, i.e. stealing, therefore they must be punished.

Exactly the same principles are forthcoming from the execution squads that exist within the British police force. Again, it may not be written in law, but the fact of the matter remains, in some instances, they go out to kill second class citizens. The common instance of shooting dead robbers with replica guns is testament to that. No doubt, if any questions are asked, the policeman concerned will bleat on about how he feared for his life, and how he had no way of knowing it was a fake gun, but then he would wouldn't he. The fact that the police have guns at all is proof of their disturbing intentions, a complete bullet proof outfit is far more suitable if it's self defence they're after, only it doesn't allow for any potential criminals to be shot dead on the spot. And once again, when the first class citizens above the point of balance hear or witness such a thing, by and large they won't be too bothered, as they believe that the robber deserved to die anyway. Again, the robber failed to experience legitimate reward within the structure he resided in, and as and when he set out to experience reward in an illegitimate manner, he was executed. There'll be no trial for the policeman, in fact he'll probably get a badge.

Though it must be said that it is not all second class citizens that these people hate, the ones who buckle down and accept their place are acceptable enough (provided they don't start drinking in their pubs, clubs, living in their areas etc.). It is the ones who refuse to buckle down they really hate. Just as the rapist doesn't hate the victim who allows him to rape her, at least not as much as he does the victim who refuses him, and just as the business man doesn't hate his customer, at least not as much as the customer who refuses to pay.

The same principles manifest themselves everywhere. For example, looking at the example of a pop/film star, with them finding themselves swamped in reward, and being surrounded by people telling them they're so clever and talented, it is then no wonder that they start to believe it all, especially so, when they have experienced little or no real input with regards reward and punishment outside of that relationship, leading to the same high levels of arrogance, and ultimately hatred for those around them. This point is clearly shown in the numerous examples of just such big stars surrounding themselves with bodyguards, as they swan amongst their fans, like royalty amongst the peasants. They'll invariably state that they love their fans, just as the king and the politicians will state that they love their people, so much so in fact that they employ numerous people to keep the 'dirty little peasants' away from them.

Such principles are quite normal under the circumstances, as is the reverse. When an individual experiences high levels of punishment within any given relationship, and are surrounded by people telling them they are pathetic and worthless etc. it is then perfectly normal to believe such information, especially so, as they have experienced nothing that would leave them to believe anything else.

Such actions are prevalent near on everywhere in society, especially so in the areas of first class employment. The film industry for instance would have the common man believe that the actors and actresses involved are in some way talented, gifted, special etc. and yet common-sense states that we were all actors and actresses, when we were small and we played doctors and nurses, mummies and daddies, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers etc. only then we were more talented, gifted, special etc. on the grounds that we made it up as we went along, in one long seamless effort, no need to memorise scripts, rehearse etc. a talent which the modern day icons of the silver screen invariably lack. To the children involved, it is nothing more than playing, yet as they grow and develop, they will become aware that talking out of your backside more often than not leads to an increase in their standard of living, as their fans ooh and aah, as they recite their tales of talent to the paying public, "It was quite scary really, the character I was playing had such a deep and complex persona, that I found myself saying/doing things, then I'd stop and think, hey, that's not me, it's my character. It almost took me over. It was really intense". Which just goes to show what a shallow little shit they are, and an untalented one at that. They read a script, and their entire personality is thrown out of the window, and is replaced by mere words that they have read. But once again, they believe that they are talented, gifted, special, and in doing so, they also believe that everyone else is untalented, ungifted, unspecial. Someones high opinion of themself, is their low opinion of others. A point which is echoed in such peoples love of litigation, as and when any newspaper dares print something nasty about them, they set their lawyers upon such a paper like frenzied dogs, with instructions to get everything they can in compensation for such pain and suffering as was inflicted upon them with the nasty name calling, and horrid innuendoes. Meanwhile, in the real world, homeless people lay strewn in the gutter, people sit in poverty struggling to raise a family, and further afield people die of starvation, malnutrition, poor sanitation etc. How much compensation are they going to receive?

Though once again, as in all such instances, these people believe in what they do, they believe that they work hard, they believe that they deserve their money, they earnt every penny, which just goes to show what kind of a sheltered and pampered environment these people come from. They've obviously never had to dig holes in the road, they genuinely believe that singing/dancing/acting/just about any first class form of employment you care to mention is hard work (if there's anything hard to be done, they pay people to do it for them), which is why we always see the pop/film star bleating on about their drink and drugs hell, how they hit rock bottom, read my story, listen to my problems, and when asked for photographic evidence of their time on the park bench, drinking meths, with needles hanging out of their arms, shouting abuse at passers by, with all the other down and outs, they seem strangely quite. They didn't mean 'that' rock bottom, more 'their' rock bottom, i.e. the time they realised that if they didn't pull their finger out, they'd have to start working for a living, and such a startling prospect like that, absolutely scared the shit out of them.

The same principles are forthcoming everywhere within society. For example, people who present holiday programmes, with their annoying little claims of "Oh you've got to work really hard. A lot of people think that it's being paid to go on holiday, but it isn't". Yes it bloody well is, and everyone saw the report as proof. They were lying on a sun drenched beach living the life of riley, and they got paid a large sum of money for doing so. Therefore they get paid to go on holiday, and going on holiday isn't hard, it's easy, what's more it's good fun too. And if they seriously believe that such activities are in some way hard, then they are clearly out of their depth, in which case they should promptly stand aside and make way for somebody who finds such activities easy.

It's a good job that structures as the economy are not built upon work, if they were, then this country, as would most, if not all others, would be bankrupt. It's about power, and everything that entails, domination and submission. Serving your master.

Which brings us back to freedom, you weren't put on this planet to serve anyone, or anything. You were put here to live life, and enjoy yourself. Something which isn't truly possible within an environment which is built upon the suffering of others. Obviously it's possible, and commonplace, to experience momentary bouts of happiness and joy, but true contentment can only be forthcoming within an environment where there is no suffering. Leading us on to the elusive communist state, a place where true contentment may be found, with the abolition of all the artificial levels of abuse that are dished out upon the masses in the name of depravity.

Interestingly enough, we see a direct comparison between the concepts of true Christianity, and true communism, and the upholders of such principles, true Christians and true communists. Which isn't really surprising considering they are one and the same, each coming packaged in the differing languages of religion, and politics respectively. Both have been hounded, and viewed, quite rightly, by the leaders of nations, as being a threat to the very power that they wallow in. In the historical instance of Christians, we see them being thrown to the lions, and in the instance of communists, we see the witch hunts of 50's America. In the instances of the ideologies themselves, and those that have corrupted the true message, we see the Christian ideology being twisted to suit the colonialists of old, as they set about conquering new nations, and 'civilising' the 'savages', and indeed, their modern day counterparts in the Catholic, and Protestant manifestations of the ideology, and their fledgling spin offs. And we see the communist ideology being twisted to fit the depraved desires, and inadequacies of the Russians and Chinese. Furthermore, we see that whilst the languages may have changed from religion to politics, the basic ideals remain constant, with the two extremities with regards society, and just exactly which force is controlling that society, i.e. Heaven and Hell.

When looking at the concepts behind Hell, we see a place of eternal suffering and misery, ruled over by demons wallowing in the infliction of such suffering upon the masses, as in capitalism. And looking at the other end of the scale, we see the proverbial place of eternal peace and happiness, free from pain and suffering, as in communism. Looking around at the perfect example of capitalism in all its depravity, we see the global economy as being the best example of such principles. With the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people each and every single year, as they exist as nothing more than a counterbalance for those proverbial perverts who ride on their backs, sitting around manicly rubbing their filthy little cocks, wallowing in a depraved society of their own making. And at the other end of the scale, we see the faint glimmering light of the elusive communist state, where all men are equal, where true democracy is the order of the day, where the communities involved exist as families, working together to make a better environment for themselves, and their children, where all the artificially induced forms of human suffering have been abolished for good.

This leads us on to the simple question of why are things the way they are. Why aren't we all living in such an idyllic environment now? Which brings us back full circle to the beginning. Evolution.

Mankind is still in his infancy, and still sits snugly around the lower levels of development. People like to think that they are highly evolved and civilised, and yet their actions are their true measure of development. For example, we see people sitting in restaurants gorging themselves on the flesh of dead animals, they may be eating such a creature with the right knife and fork, they may be drinking the right wine to accompany the occasion, and they may well believe that in doing so they are in some way civilised, developed, highly evolved, and yet their actions are the conclusive proof to the contrary. They are eating a dead animal, it does not matter quite how they dress the occasion up, eating a fellow higher life form is an act of the utmost depravity. In evolutionary terms, mankind the species is nothing more than an overcommunicative monkey. Looking back on mankinds history, we see the emergence of witch doctors, and cult leaders, each talking a complete load of rubbish, and their respective followers swallowing it all, hook line and sinker. Looking around today, we see much the same, with hypnotists, psychics, clairvoyants, faith healers, business men, politicians, yet more cult leaders, each speaking new and different languages, yet still playing the same old monkey power games.

This point of infantile levels of development shows itself clearly when looking at the various societies of the world. One can be forgiven for thinking that the controllers of the various structures concerned (politicians) are evil little creatures, hell bent on the abuse of others, but they're not, it only seems that way when anyone (in particular anyone of a higher level of development, which pretty much covers most humans), is forced to experience their actions. They're just incompetent, inadequate morons. They don't really know what they are doing, they like to think they do, but that's just arrogance. They don't take into account the long term effects of their actions, at least not over and above the gain that they seek. They don't deliberately set out to manufacture the levels of oppression and subsequent poverty that they do, and everything that entails, crime, prostitution, misery, etc. In exactly the same way that the rapist doesn't deliberately set out to fuck up the mind of his victim, he just wants to fuck her, quite exactly what he has to do to her in order to achieve his desire is exactly that, something he has to do in order to get what he wants. They're genuinely unaware of any levels of responsibility over and above the gain that they seek, owing to their own inadequacies. Never overestimate such creatures.

People like to think that they are highly evolved and such forth, and they invariably make the mistake of thinking that this is it, that they sit at the pinnacle of the evolutionary scale, which they clearly don't. Mankind is still evolving, and just as the people of today look back upon the society of yesterday, sneering at their stupidity, so the people of tomorrow will look back upon the society of today with much the same thoughts. Only where we only have old and gnarled documents to look back upon, tomorrows society will have videotape footage of all the current day perverts that lead the worlds nations as we know them. The repulsive politicians, who when asked why certain members of society are refused health care, and left to die, proudly quote figures and statistics, stating "Statistically speaking, these people are better off now then ever before, blah, blah, blah".

Looking back at communism, and the elusive paradise state, we see that as big a job as it may sound, adapting the entire structure of the nation, and ultimately the world, in order for such principles to be adopted, is the easy bit. By dumping the exact same people within such an environment, as those that make up this environment, ultimately nothing would have been achieved, aside from a minor face lift. It would undoubtedly only be a matter of time, before the same people started playing the same old game, as one community set out to dominate another, with their helpful claims of "Sure, we can do this for you, what are you going to do for us?", and back we are again, with the emergence of 'favours', favours which miraculously, seem to leave the people doing them with a distinct surplus of cash. And even looking at the internal activities of such a community, no doubt it would only be a matter of time before the lobbying groups put their two penneth in, telling everyone what they can and can't do, what they can and can't see, what they can and can't hear, what they can and can't say, and, ultimately, what they can and can't think.

People are the way they are, as a direct result of the environment within which they were raised, and more importantly the levels of reward and punishment they receive from within such an environment. And if they are raised within a depraved environment, they then become depraved. And with the effective grading of any society being based upon those that make up that society, the society, of which they are now a member, will be depraved. Leading ultimately to a vicious circle. The reason people are depraved, is because they are raised in a depraved environment, and the reason the environment is depraved is because it is made up of depraved individuals, of which they are now one.

Which leads us back on to religion, and those strange people like Jesus who pop up from time to time, offering a helping hand up the evolutionary scale. The kind of helping hand that is understandably missing from the cults of today, be they officially recognised cults, or officially recognised religions, offering false promises and threats, along with afterlives and all sorts of nonsense. You won't find any legitimate religious experiences there, just a load of power crazed deviants, thrusting forth images of all shapes, sizes and descriptions, slamming them down upon the masses like the satanic dictators they are.

The closest thing to a genuine religious interaction may be seen in the example of a wise old man, living in a cave. You can go there and ask any question you so desire, and in return you will receive the answer. Not what the old man wanted you to know, and maybe not what you wanted to know. Just the answer to the question.

Thoughts, views, and opinions come ten a penny in this world. There is only one truth. It can be twisted, distorted, manipulated, and even denied. But it can never be destroyed.


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