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As mankind climbs the evolutionary ranks, he crawls up to the point of higher life. This being the point in time, where consciousness, and with that awareness, albeit in a basic internal sense, becomes available to the individual, with the formation of a brain, and with it, a mind.

The lower regions of internal consciousness, are where the point of coma sit. At this point any brain activity, at least from the greater viewpoint of the brains higher functions, is pretty much negligible, existing for little or nothing more than the ticking over of the body itself, breathing, pulse etc.

Further up the scale, the brains higher functions are activated, whereby we move into general sleep. In mankinds instance sleep involves dreams, a direct spin off of the higher functions of intelligence. Intelligence itself, despite many claims to the contrary, being nothing more than mere pattern recognition.

It is within the realms of dreams, that we see the true power of the human mind, as it flexes its muscles, free from the constraints of the outside world, and exercises its raw intellectual power with each and every individual dream. The dreams themselves are all conjured up instantaneously in real time, by the human mind. The sights, sounds, smells, textures, in fact everything pertaining to that particular dream, or indeed, any part of that dream, are all evidence of the true power of the human mind.

In the example of a man dreaming about something so mundane as walking into a newsagents to buy a magazine, every single aspect of that dream is conjured up instantaneously by the man himself. The shop, its shape, size, appearance, location, the people working in the shop, the customers, all the goods within the shop, the magazines, newspapers etc. their exact placings, and even the contents of every single page, of every single publication, are all created in real time. That's not to mention the more complex aspects of the dream, the entire personalities of all those participating within that dream, their actions and reactions, in short absolutely everything. All conjured up instantaneously, at the click of a finger, by that single and solitary mind. with the mind itself scouring all its available memory and resources to provide adequate substance for those dreams to take place. In the example of a nightmare for instance, at some point in time within such a dream, the individual concerned, will have come to the decision that something scary should happen, at this point the mind will find something scary to place within that dream. For instance, a recently viewed video nasty, may well have provided ample fear for that particular individual, allowing the mind to regurgitate at least some of the movie concerned, and play it within the dream. And if it can't find of any relevance within its memory, it can just as easily, conjure up a twisted version of something that would otherwise be deemed as being unscary. For instance, a doll lying face down on the floor, may well seem harmless, yet when the individual picks it up, it could well possess the facial characteristics of a rabid dog which could then go on to attack that individual.

As any individual climbs the evolutionary scale further still, they'll inevitably come to the cross-over point between internal and external consciousness. It is around this point, that the mind, may effectively mix information from the internal and external environments. This is most commonly seen when falling asleep in front of the television for example.

Whilst the mind is for the most part only really active on an internal level, as it commences dreaming, it may then proceed to take snippets of information from the exterior world by way of the senses. Whilst the input derived from the senses, may not be of sufficient clarity for the mind to fully comprehend just exactly what is going on in the real world, it will be capable of sucking in anything it does receive, and allowing that information to be utilised within an internal manner, i.e. the dream. In the common instance of nodding off with the television on, certain aspects of the current programme may in turn appear within the dream, by way of the audio information being received by the mind, albeit in a scatty sense, coming from the soundtrack.

The same principles are prevalent within the commonly touted near death experience. Whilst the mind is only conscious in an internal sense, and is therefore dreaming, it scours all available sources of input for information with which it may construct the present dream, and with the mind being fully aware that it is lying on a slab in an operating theatre, it commences utilising such information within the dream. As and when such a time occurs as the level of consciousness is at such a level that it may suck in information from the outside world, it may hear the constant beeping become a constant drone, accompanied by the scurrying around of hospital staff, with their claims of "We're losing him". This then, now becomes part of the dream which that person is currently experiencing, and which they themselves are actively controlling, leading to them floating on up to Heaven, or even sinking down toward the fiery regions of Hell. Quite what happens within that dream, like any other, is entirely dependant upon what that person wants and/or expects to happen. In the common instance of the nightmare, the reason such a dream turned bad in the first instance, is because that person either wanted, or expected something bad to happen, which it then did, with the reverse occurring within the context of a good dream, the reason something good happened is because that person either wanted or expected something good to happen.

More interestingly, if and when such a time occurs, whereby the information taken by the dreaming mind, comes in a visual sense from the eyes, whether that be a mere snapshot of the exterior world, or real time images, certain strange experiences are then presented to that individual. For example, assuming such an individual is currently indulging in a dream whereby they are flying through the air, if and when such a time occurs whereby they are able to suck in visual information via their eyes, without waking up proper, they will now be aware that whilst they are flying through the air, they are also in their bedroom, therefore leading to a fusion of the two experiences into one, resulting in them experiencing floating around their bedroom.

Such experiences are quite common, though in the majority of instances, the only ones likely to be remembered by any person experiencing them, are the ones whereby the mind, climbs up from internal consciousness, hovering around the internal/external mark up to full external consciousness, whereby they wake up. Those where the mind pops back down to internal consciousness, whereby it continues dreaming, are simply forgotten by the time the mind wakes up proper.


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