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Your Baby Can Read - Free Instant Download
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As mentioned before, the sole definition of intelligence is nothing more than pattern recognition. Quite how fast any particular pattern may be recognised, or indeed the complexity of any pattern will depend entirely upon the current level of intelligence being utilised in order to achieve such an objective. In the common instance of reading, we see that relatively high levels of intellect must be present in order that such an activity may be indulged in. For example, the sentences being read are constructed of words, which are themselves constructed of letters, which are nothing more than symbols. And yet as any individual sees such symbols, they place them together in their respective words and sentences, and relate them to experiences that they are aware of, in order to understand quite what the creator of the words is trying to communicate.

The principles underlying intelligence, are often exploited by those laying claim to dubious powers, along the lines of psychics, astrologers etc.

The common tactic involved by any holder of such alleged powers is the power of intelligence within the individual to whom the gifted one is currently giving the reading to.

In the example of psychics, they more often than not, hold up a simple basic pattern and take their cues from then on, from the person to whom they are consulting. For example:-
"I'm getting an H", is a pretty good starting place, (no reaction).
"Or is it an M?", (eyebrows slightly raised, leaning forward to hear more).
"Yes it's an M" etc.
All the way through, the gifted individual will be picking up on the subliminal clues of their clients body language, therefore allowing them greater clarity, as they progress through the reading, continuing their hit/miss process, ignoring the misses, and amplifying on the hits, until at the end of the sitting the person receiving the reading inevitably wonders how on earth, they could have known so much.

In order for the reading to be genuinely accepted as being a sign of the true giftedness of the reader, the relationship must be a two way one, resulting in those that, deep down, want to believe in these incredible gifts, will believe in them no matter what, ignoring completely, as did the reader, all the misses, and only remembering the hits.

Once these principles are fully understood, it is possible for the receiver to utilise them to their advantage. in the most simple of instances, the easiest way to fool any such reader is to simply give them no information whatsoever, resulting in the reading being given, meaning practically nothing, followed by a rather lame, "I'm sorry, you've caught me on a bad day, it comes and goes", or an exceptionally poor reading which would be applicable to near on anyone.

More interestingly, it is possible to lead the psychic a right merry dance, merely by giving them false hits. For example the psychic may start off:-
"I'm getting an H".
"Yes" (leaning forward enthusiastically).
"Yes, let me concentrate, it's a bit hazy, Henry? Harry?"
"Yes that's it, Harold."
"What does he say?"
"He says there's no need to worry, he's fine where he is" etc.
No doubt, as the sitting progresses, and as the psychic receives yet more false hits, the reading itself will become far more specified, and yet common sense states that, if the psychic really was receiving messages, and not merely taking cues from the person they are giving the reading to, then surely Harold himself would be screaming "No, not them, you've got the wrong person."

Astrology too, is a common place for such principles to flourish, in any particular reading, there will only ever be, a simple basic pattern, which the receiver will be forced to interpret in their own way, and more often than not, will be applicable to near on anyone. For example:-
"Something's been troubling you recently".
"I see a lot of worrying about money".
"There are relationship problems" etc.
The fact is the above examples, and plenty more besides are applicable to anyone. They're more often than not be followed up by, "But don't worry, things will turn out good".

And again, as in all such instances, they may claim to be able to pick up on things in your past, present and future, things which 'They couldn't possibly have known', and yet they don't seem to be able to tell if you've killed five people with an axe, chopped up their corpses, and hid them under the stairs.

Clearly, no matter what the chosen vehicle any gifted individual chooses to exercises their talents, the real powers lie in the intelligence of those they give their readings to. Which is probably why, those that lay claim to such powers, have a strange habit of exercising their gifts in a multitude of different guises, reading tea leaves, reading palms, messages from beyond the grave, picking up on the vibes from jewellery, no matter what the chosen vocation, they all rely on the same basic principle of the exploitation of pattern recognition within those they consult.

The same basic principles are responsible for those experiencing certain aspects of paranoia. Whilst their claims of being followed, spied upon, receiving subliminal messages from the news reader on television, the writer of certain songs etc. may sound outrageous, upon closer inspection, they are no more so, than the person claiming to have received an accurate reading from any one claiming to possess some form of psychic gift.

In the example of something so astounding as the news reader giving subliminal messages to the paranoid nutter, no doubt the person in question would start isolating and recognising certain patterns within the information that was being presented to him, and matching that pattern, to something they may well have personally seen, heard, or experienced. For example, the news reader may tell of a house fire somewhere, with the paranoid individual associating it with the fact that they burnt their finger whilst lighting up a cigarette that very morning. And whilst such an act of basic pattern recognition may not, on its own, escalate into claims of receiving subliminal messages, when such patterns are isolated and recognised time and time again, it certainly becomes far more understandable as to how somebody may claim to be receiving such messages, rendering them no more insane than anyone who swears by the amazing gifts of the astrologer, tea leaf reader, psychic, and clairvoyant.


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