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The manner in which any individuals perception of reality is formed, is governed by two combining factors. Reward and punishment.

It's an incredibly simple learning system, yet, when coupled with the input derived from the body's major senses, forms a complex shell, a series of rules which make up that individuals perception of the real world. The shell itself being the total sum of all reward and punishment experienced to date.

The reward and punishment learning system can be most easily seen and understood, when observed in action; in this case, in the fictitious example of Bob.

The reward and punishment process when applied to constant values (the physical objects that make up the world as we know it) will go on to form Bobs perception of reality. Right from the point of birth, as the naked brain is confronted with the perplexities of the real world, it adapts itself accordingly, by sucking in input, from any and all of its available senses.

Thrust forth into the world from birth, Bob will commence gathering information on all available objects, through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. As his brain starts to form a basic perception of reality, it may then go on to make sense of how the real world interacts with itself, and how any objects within that world, act both with that world, and with each other. For example, as Bob grows he will become aware that placing a stone on a table will result in the stone resting upon that table. Reward. Bob clearly desired that the stone be placed upon the table, and he has therefore achieved his ambition.

However placing the same stone on a pond, will result in the stone falling through the pond, and resting on the ground beneath. Punishment. Bob clearly desired that the stone be placed upon the pond, and yet it didn't, it fell right through it. He has failed to achieve his ambition.

It's this basic reward and punishment process, which guides Bob through life. It's permanently in use, and updated, and will be constantly referred to when interacting with any object within that world. For example, Bob finds himself in a room that he's never visited before. Sitting in the middle of that room is a chair.

Bobs formation of reality to date, will be responsible for him assuming (quite rightly) that he may sit on the chair. Yet he doesn't actually know that it's possible for him to sit on the chair, he's never seen it before, and consequently has no experience of that exact chair for him to come to any conclusions about its properties. It may be made of balsa wood for all he knows, and sitting on it would clearly break it, resulting in him falling on the floor and failing in his objective.

Obviously he doesn't have to have direct experience of everything he's ever going to come across, storing such a large amount of information and sorting through it, in real time, would be near on impossible. It's here where intelligence comes into play. He doesn't necessarily need any information on the chair, or the walls, or anything in the room. If he's experienced anything slightly similar to any of these objects before, which we can assume he has, then he can quite rightly assume that these objects will have the same properties as any he's experienced before, until proved otherwise.

The same principles of reward and punishment, are utilised by the mind, with regards the formation of that persons personality. Though whilst the results from such a process are constant with regards their perception of reality, the formation of that persons personality, is based upon the results of interactions between fellow higher life forms, namely other people.

As before, the brain will seek out reward within any interaction, and will more often than not, do whatever is required in order to experience it.

It is the desire for any individual to seek out reward in any way that it can, that is responsible for what most people, witness and experience, in 'baying to the crowd'. For example, Bob's hanging around on a street corner with his friends. Bob sees Bill, a boy who is known to Bob, both for being Bill, and for being weaker than Bob. Bob picks a fight with Bill over something to petty to be of any real concern. Bob beats Bill up. Bob experiences jubilation's and 'pats on the back' in general from his friends. reward.

As we can see, upon closer inspection of the situation, Bob was just hanging around with his friends on the street corner (boredom setting in a bit maybe? Lack of adequate stimulation etc.) Bob sees Bill walking toward him. Bob knows Bill. He also knows that Bill is a weak boy, and would not prove a great threat to him within any violent confrontation. With this in mind, Bob picks a fight with Bill "Are you staring me out?", "Did you just call me a bastard?" etc. none of these reasons need any solid or real foundations, they're just plain, clear cut excuses for a fight. Bob proceeds to knock Bill about a bit. Bobs friends, upon witnessing the event, find great joy in seeing one of their accomplices indulging in petty violence and coming out the victor, and reward Bob by placing him at the centre of attention and showering him with their admiration, which is what Bob sought. His personality will now be such, that he will be consciously aware that if he so wishes to experience reward in future, all he has to do is slap Bill about a bit.

However, with the mind operating upon such principles, we can see the reverse would be true, if the reverse were to happen. For example, if when Bob first attacked Bill, Bill turned around and kicked Bobs head in, Bob would experience punishment from the situation, not only from Bill, but also undoubtedly from his friends, as now he was the one getting slapped about, he would be the one they were laughing at, or indeed if he had beat Bill up, and his friends accused him of being a bastard with little or no respect for his fellow men, again punishment. Either way, Bob would now consciously adapt his behaviour, and with it his personality forthwith, and when presented with the same situation in future, would refrain from attacking Bill in any way.

Such principles will be forthcoming throughout Bobs life, as he continues on his life journey attempting to experience reward at any available opportunity. For example, Bob is at a party with his friends. Bob meets Tammy, accompanied by nudges and winks from his friends. Bob takes Tammy upstairs to the bedroom. Bob has sex with Tammy. Bob tells his eager to hear friends of his bedroom exploits. Bob experiences jubilation's and pats on the back from his friends. Reward.

A different situation has occurred, involving different people, yet we're still looking at the same pattern. At the end of the day, the quest for sex wasn't the primary driving force behind Bobs actions, as before the main reason for indulging in the sexual activity, wasn't the gratification gained from the sexual act itself, more the reward gained from the slaps on the back from his friends, being the centre of attention and such forth.

In the above example, we can generally assume, that in these AIDS conscious days Bob was having sex with a condom and, as is usual when using such a device, Bob would have been doing exactly that, 'having sex with a condom'. The fact that this particular condom came wrapped up in an attractive young lady by the name of Tammy, holds no relevance, it was the condom itself that Bob was actually having sex with. Bob could just as well have been having sex with an inflatable woman for all the stimulation he was receiving, and vice versa. Tammy could just as well have been masturbating with a dildo, for that's all that was entering her vagina, and again, the fact that this particular dildo was in the exact shape and size of Bobs penis holds no real relevance. So in reality, the sexual act itself did not occur, it was more a case of both people using their bodies to aid each other for the purposes of mutual masturbation. And if masturbation was all that was really achieved, then there was no real need for the act of intercourse to take place, nor for that matter, for the other party to be present. The whole event could have just as easily been accomplished with both individuals being left alone.

Clearly the main, if not the only reason for the above activities to have taken place, is the reward that would be obtained from becoming the centre of attention amongst the social grouping, as they carry out their inbuilt desire to experience reward and/or shun punishment. There's no point anyone wasting their time eating unripe green bananas, when there are plenty of tasty yellow bananas to be had, and if sleeping around or fighting is where any individual has to go in order to receive reward (or even making false claims of having done so), then that's where you'll find them. Indeed, as most people will be aware from their own interactions with people, the acts themselves don't actually have to occur for any such stories of bravado to be recited. Most people know of at least one individual who's 'slept with a thousand women', 'kicked the shit out of just about everyone', 'done this, done that' and just about everything else. Wallowing in the oohs and aahs of admiration, as whilst they recite or exhibit their activities, all attention is on them, they are the focal point of the group, fame and glory is theirs for the taking.

Such actions are present when looking at the common modern day example of the stage hypnotist, and his amazing hypnotic show. As and when such 'hypnotised' individuals run around on stage like performing monkeys, indulging themselves in all manner of strange and funny escapades, much to the enjoyment of the paying public, again, the sole principles being exhibited, are those of the desire to experience reward within any situation. As we've seen before, if they were truly in some form of induced level of consciousness whereby the brains senses would be confused and therefore susceptible to any suggestions given by the hypnotist, they would have to be hovering around the internal/external mark on the scale of consciousness, whereby such suggestions would manifest themselves within the dream world of the internal functions of the mind. That being the case, such a person would exhibit, at best, slurred and incoherent speech, a glazing over of the eyes, and slow cumbersome movement, if at all. In order for such suggestions to be interpreted and presented to the mind as real, such a person would then experience sleep paralysis, and even if any of these factors were present, which they clearly aren't, such loud claps and cheers from the assembled audience, would alert the mind to high levels of exterior activity, whereby such an individual would promptly snap out of it, and wake up proper. Though small facts like not being in any form of trance whatsoever, and being fully consciously aware of every single action they commit, won't stop such a hypnotised individual from running around on stage doing anything the hypnotist tells them to do, for, as mentioned previously, as and when such an individual indulges in such activities, they find themselves at the centre of attention. For one night, and one night only, they're a star.


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