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The same principles are in use, when looking at structures involving more than two people. Only now, greater flexibility with regards the positioning of individuals within that structure, is possible, owing to the greater number of people within it. For example, if the controller of any given structure expects to experience power to the level of ten, then this must be forthcoming from such a structure that exerts oppression, upon any person or persons, to the level of ten. Be that one person experiencing oppression to the level of ten, two to the level of five, five to the level of two, etc.

Backtracking to the point in time, when man was a mere caveman, we see him living in a primitive tribe, the existence of which forms itself into a structure as in the following theoretical model structure of just such a tribe, involving two cavemen, man A and man B, with man A exercising power over man B to the level of 11:-

Bearing in mind, that the reason the controlling individual of this structure is experiencing the amount of power that he is, is because that is the way he likes it, owing to his current level of development, we see that if caveman B desires any realistic decrease in the amount of oppression that he is currently experiencing, then more cavemen must be found to take the place of caveman B, and therefore allow for such a movement, as illustrated below, with the inclusion of two new cavemen, man C, and man D:-

Though such an alleviation, as in all such instances, will only be forthcoming, as and when someone is found to take such a place, and only for the period in time that they are part of such a relationship. For example, in the above case, if both man C and man D decide to up sticks and leave, then the structure reverts to its original position of man A and man B, leaving only man B experiencing oppression within the structure, who himself may decide to leave it, leaving no oppression being experienced by anyone, and with it no power for man A to indulge himself in.

Obviously, as any tribe of primitive men potter their way around, similar problems arise in the fact that those currently experiencing oppression at whatever level, are no doubt going to come to a point in time when they decide that this relationship, is not for them, whereby they set out to leave the structure, therefore taking the amount of power that those who were exercising over them, were currently experiencing. Clearly if they want any of the fun, then they must also set about finding someone to take their place.

It is here where we encounter the basic principles behind hunting. As and when such times occurred within that tribe, that those experiencing oppression grew restless of their oppressor, the tribe would set out en mass, and seek prey, whom they could inflict exceptionally high levels of oppression upon with their killing of that prey, with the prey themselves experiencing 100% oppression within such a relationship (murder). This clearly allows for high levels of power to be experienced within that structure, and a subsequent alleviation of oppression, to be experienced by those currently experiencing it. Though, as in all such cases, the amount of power being divided up, will only be forthcoming for the point in time, whereby the prey exists within that relationship., and therefore existing only for as long as the prey itself.

As mankind the species developed, he found himself acquiring the new found art of speech, and with that comes more efficient levels of communication, hauling the controllers of any such structures up from the 'grunt and punch' method of communication, through to basic language.

It is here where we encounter cult worship, in all their manifestations. As and when such a time occurred whereby man acquired his new found skills of speech, he experienced greater powers of communication, and could therefore interact with his fellow men, at a more efficient level than before. Whereas before man was restricted to the primitive levels of punching someone, as and when they failed to conform to any image, he could now move on up to levels of manipulation, which gave him a more efficient manner of controlling the reward and punishment principles of his fellow men.

For example, he can now use the principles of reward and punishment in his fellow men, and more importantly their inbuilt desire to seek out reward (tasty bananas), and shun punishment (rotten bananas), along the lines of "If you do this, you will be rewarded", and "If you do that you will be punished". Though whilst this works fine in theory, in practise, there will inevitably come a time, when somebody decides to test the water, and see if they really will be rewarded or punished. For example, the controller of the structure may tell those he controls that if they swim in the sea, something bad will happen, whereby they will experience punishment. As and when somebody within that structure does swim in the sea, and does not experience punishment, as stated by the controller, they will promptly come to the legitimate conclusion that such information is not true. And if the controller of the structure was wrong about that, what else is he wrong about.

Obviously this is not in the controllers interests as, as and when people come to such conclusions, they will promptly leave the relationship, on the grounds that their leader is a liar, thereby leaving nobody within the structure experiencing oppression, which in turn, allows for no power to be extracted from the other end. This is where we meet the cult leaders friend, the afterlife.

Nobody wants to die and, quite naturally, are attracted to the idea of an eternal life, especially so, one whereby they may experience total tranquillity, total happiness, and subsequently total reward. And the reverse is also true, people are repelled by the idea of an eternal life of total misery, total suffering, and subsequently total punishment. Such practises are utilised by any cult leader, with the promise of a seat in Heaven as and when they buckle down, and do as the leader tells them, and the threat of a seat in Hell, as and when they refuse to buckle down, and do as they are told.

True to all such instances, irrespective of the images held up, and consequent rules and regulations laid down, what is ultimately being said, is that the leader of such a structure has a giant omnipotent friend, and if you don't do as he says, then his big powerful friend will sort you out. This friend, or so it is claimed, is in actual fact none other than the big man himself, God, of which he is a personal representative, a point which he more often than not attempts to enforce, with undoubted claims of "Reject me, reject God".

In keeping with all such instances, it is not the big powerful friend that the people concerned are worshipping, more the person controlling the structure, which is why we see the same old structures popping up, with regards power and oppression. And, as in all such instances, if any such person currently experiencing oppression within such a structure, seeks an alleviation of that oppression, then they must find someone else to take their place. In modern day terms, this invariably translates from the primeval act of hunting, to the act of recruitment. In swelling the ranks within the structure, more oppression is forced upon the assembled worshippers, therefore allowing more power to be extracted by those above the point of balance, for the point in time, whereby such recruits are within that structure.

Such principles are also responsible for such acts as sacrifice. Once again, the leader of the structure lays claim to the fact that such acts are indulged in, in the name of God, and yet the creature that they are sacrificing, be it human or otherwise, is in actual fact, one of Gods very own animals, and if he genuinely desired the death of such a creature then he would have been more than capable of taking the life of it, as and when he saw fit. A point which reiterates itself in the very act of worship, be that once a day, week, month, or whenever, the controller of such a structure invariably states that the assembled crowd are there to worship God, and yet they are worshipping nothing more than the controller of the structure. It is not God speaking the words which they feel compelled to listen to for fear of burning for eternity in Hell, it is the leader. If God really wished to speak to them, he would clearly do so, and would definitely not require the services of the controller.

As we've seen before, the actual entities of both God, and Satan, are nothing more than the two highest and lowest points of external consciousness on the evolutionary scale, respectively. And both God and Satan, will 'speak' to anyone who wishes to listen, as they both tempt the individual concerned to 'walk their way'. Interestingly enough, despite the claims of the self proclaimed holy men, we see just exactly which 'voice' they are more in tune with, by their very actions, especially so in the case of sacrifice. By coercing more people to join their flock, they experience higher levels of power, from the higher levels of oppression now being forthcoming from the structure. If God had truly wished for people to worship him, and to therefore take back any of the valuable time that he had bestowed them with when he granted them the great gift of life itself, be that a small fraction of it, or the life in its entirety, then he'd simply add up the required amount of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds, and knock it off the end. Only men, and for that matter depraved inadequate ones, uphold the virtues of giving, only to then take back.


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