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The same principles are also forthcoming from within the worlds of both the national and global power structures. In order to gain a greater insight into the whys and wherefores, it is easier to backtrack on the global structure, and see just exactly how we all came to be where we are today.

Once again, when we were all cavemen, the first basic power structure emerged, as the first caveman, dominated a fellow caveman, exercising some form of power over him, as is graphically depicted in the following diagram:-

With man B in the above equation currently experiencing oppression, it won't be long before he decides that this game is not for him, and getting fed up with what would be in essence, being told what and what not to do (being controlled), he would duly decide to go his separate way, leaving man A experiencing no power.

Clearly, this would not be in the interests of man A who likes experiencing that amount of power, therefore he will not wish for man B to leave the current relationship. With this in mind, the only option left for man B is to climb the structure, whereby he will conform to the image as set by man A. Though this is in itself no guarantee of an alleviation of oppression. Man A enjoys experiencing that amount of power, and in order for man B to realistically climb that structure, somebody must be found to take man B's place and make up the numbers.

Obviously, man A and man B, aren't the only cavemen around, and undoubtedly they'll meet other individuals on their journeys. In this instance, man C:-

Now, with another individual partaking within the established structure, there's greater flexibility within the structure itself. In this instance, man A experiences an increase in power of three, man B experiences a decrease in oppression (his first taste of commission), crosses over the PoB (point of balance, the point at which all levels of power and oppression are measured outside of relativity), to experience power to the level of one (an increase of seven), with man C experiencing an overall level of oppression of ten (9+1=10).

Though the story doesn't end there, with man C currently experiencing oppression to a level of ten, it will only be a matter of time, before he gets fed up with the situation, and seeks his fun elsewhere. Clearly there's got to be something in this for him, else he'll simply up sticks and leave. Therefore just as man B found someone to take his place (man C), then so another individual must be found in order to allow a certain playing around with numbers, and subsequent shifting of peoples positions, as new members are found to partake within the structure, thereby allowing for greater levels of power to be extracted from the structure and dished out, as the controller of the structure sees fit. Enter man D:-

Though the story doesn't end there, man D is now experiencing oppression, and quite high levels of it too, therefore it is only a matter of time before he to gets fed up with the situation, and decides to up sticks and leave.

This is where we see the typical instance of hunting. Bearing in mind, all higher life forms automatically seek out reward, and shun punishment, if they fail to experience reward in any situation, they'll seek it elsewhere, as such, in order for the structure to gain some form of longevity, and to allow all participants within that structure a taste of reward in some way, shape or form, there will inevitably, from time to time at least, come a point where all individuals within that tribe get to take a good sized jump up the structure, allowing them a taste of power.

Though in keeping with the aspects of short and long term gain, it is not going to be long before the controller of such a structure, as they set out upon their hunting expedition, becomes aware that it is in his own interests to keep his prey alive, whereby he has a captive grouping whom he can abuse at his leisure. The same instance can be seen in the example of a man who has been given the opportunity to kill a woman. Whilst he will extract and exceptionally high level of power from the act of murdering the woman in question, such an experience would be no more than an instantaneous one, in keeping with the gain sought, and subsequent responsibility accepted. Such a man will no doubt become aware that in order to prolong the longevity of the structure concerned, he must keep his prey alive, in order that he may toy with her, at his leisure, in a manner in which he sees fit.

Such principles within the primitive cave man society, would have exhibited themselves in the examples of the controller of the established structure realising that in keeping his prey alive (in the above example a woman), his long term interests are maintained if only for the fact that he can rape her time and time again.

With such actions and principles being scaled up, we then see such a primitive grouping setting out to effectively conquer a neighbouring tribe, whereby everyone within the original structure takes a huge hike up the structure concerned, at the expense of the newly conquered tribe, who would in turn experience a jump up the ladder, as and when such a time occurs when yet another tribe are conquered, and so on and so forth, until ultimately everyone within that entire nation was now included within that structure, and with it the crowning of that nations first king, as depicted in the following diagram:-

Now that the national power structure is set, it becomes increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to ensure that the structure is as the controller of that structure wishes it to be, on account of its sheer size. In the case of the United Kingdom, the national power structure engulfs some sixty million people.

It is here where we encounter economics proper. By giving everyone within that structure paper tickets, each with their own numerical values, the controller of the structure has no real need to directly oversee the structure as a whole. By controlling the supply and distribution of such tickets, he can then in turn control the placing of individuals within that structure thus:-

Now that an economy is in place, the controller of that economy, may now exercise more effective levels of control over the individuals within that structure. And quite how they interact with those individuals will be dependant, as always, upon their current level of psychological development. This will manifest itself in the controllers economic policy, and will come in the guise of left and right wing economic policies.

The economic policies dictate, just exactly who has what, within the structure, and fall under the two main categories of outgoing, and incoming related taxation, with those advocating such principles revealing just exactly where they stand with regards right and left wing policies respectively, which, in turn, reveals their own current level of psychological development, with regards the constants of external consciousness, base instinct, and conscience:-

Outgoing related taxation, is the ideal of the right, with everyone within a certain grouping, or indeed everyone full stop, paying a fixed rate of taxation, irrespective of their income. It has the simple advantage of enforcing the right wing dream of the elite few having lots of money, whilst everything within that structure remains cheap. This is achieved through having high levels of both power and oppression (riches and poverty). Examples of outgoing taxation are everywhere, road fund licence, television licence, value added tax, and ultimately the most perfect example of the genre, the poll tax.

Taking a look at the poll tax in action, we can see just what it is that attracts those from the right to such taxational measures. As in all the above examples, the names that these taxes fly under aren't of any real importance, the affects are what really count. For example the television licence, whilst it comes packaged as a licence, it is to all intents and purposes, a tax. A television tax, and whether or not the revenue from the implementation of such a tax ends up in the general kitty, or whether it is handed over directly to a particular department isn't really of any concern.

In the example of the poll tax, assuming a flat rate levy was imposed upon the individuals within that particular economy was in the order of five hundred pounds, we can see that a person earning a salary of five thousand pounds a year, would effectively have to pay a sum of money equivalent to 10% of his annual income. Whereas, on the other hand, an individual earning the not uncommon figure of five hundred thousand pounds a year, would in real terms find himself paying the equivalent of 0.1% of his annual income, and in the even more extreme example of an individual earning the not exclusively rare sum of one million pounds a year, they would in real terms be paying the equivalent of 0.05% of their annual income.

Looking at the above example it is clear to see why those of a right wing persuasion, are attracted to flat rate taxes like moths to a flame, when all is said and done, it means they pay less and, as such, results in more money in their pockets at the end of the day.

Incoming related taxation on the other hand spreads the economic burden out more equally, amongst those within that structure, if only for the fact that it takes into account the ability to pay. Looking at the above example of 10%, the end result would be the first individual paying the same sum of money as before, five hundred pounds, the second individual paying fifty thousand pounds, and the third paying one hundred thousand pounds. And whilst the figures themselves are wildly different, the fact of the matter is, in real terms, they've all paid the same in relation to their incomings, 10%.


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