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After experiencing numerous rejections from the main stream houses, I decided to approach these on 2nd October 1995, after having seen their adverts in Private Eye magazine for how-to literature dealing with tax dodging, and second passports. I received this reply (note the way they've spelt my name wrong, despite the fact that it was written down for them, on both the covering letter, the manuscript, AND the return pre-paid envelope):-

3rd November 1995

Dear Mr Copeland

Thank you for sending us your manuscript "The Evolutionary Development of Life Forms" but I am afraid that this would not suit our list.

We wish you good luck with your work.

Yours sincerely

Scope International

N.B: I was later to discover that Scope International are the publishers of a paedophile directory, detailing which countries to go to, and where to go when you get there, in order to meet small poverty-stricken children, who are prepared to fuck and suck every disgusting crevice of wealthy western businessmen, in return for the price of a potato or two.

Furthermore (and somewhat more disturbingly), I was also to learn that the managing director of this tin pot establishment (Nicholas J Pine), was a close personal friend of the prominent MP for Havant, and high flying Conservative, Mr David Willets who, in choosing to openly fraternize with such creatures, blatantly condones the sexual abuse of children.

One wonders what part Mr Willets Plays in the state run paedophile sex ring involving children in council care seen most evidently in the recent Waterhouse report (or should that be damage limitation exercise), which most people who've followed the case regard to be a complete whitewash.

Let's face it, he looks the type doesn't he?


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