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Mental Health Problems

Life is tough, that's for sure, and when the harsh winds of life slowly but surely start to erode whatever tough outer casing you've evolved to develop, you'll find things getting tougher still.

It's been almost two years since I crawled into the doctors smack bang in the middle of an acute mental breakdown. Almost three months later I finally got an appointment at the local mental health unit, only to discover that I was not alone in my breakdown. Indeed, the country's entire health services are also in an advanced state of breakdown. It was a year before I got any kind of counselling. I don't know how much mental health nurses are paid, but in my experience, the vast majority are not just surplus to requirements, but also a genuine barrier to real help and support.

"Nightmares in the past seven days" give a possible four points from a total of eighty eight, only thirty three of which are required for a clinical diagnosis of PTSD. Ignorance is pretty ugly at the best of times when exhibited in the population at large. But when it's forthcoming to that extent from fully trained mental health nurses it's inexcusable.

The good news is you don't need them. Necessity is the mother of invention, and I've developed my own treatment plan. I found some NHS mental health manuals online, with all the tests and forms the nurses are supposed to be filling in to update the NHS computers with. So now you can not only jump those mind shattering queues, but also take the tests you're supposed to be taking, and even see what medications you should be on. I had no idea I got OCD too, until I started testing the script.

My condition's been improving gradually over the past year. Hopefully, if you've been struggling mentally with the rigours of life, yours will too.

Take the free online instant test results analysis NHS mental health test now. Your results may surprise you!

03/Oct/2014 17:07

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